College of Arts and Sciences Advising

The College of Arts & Sciences provides a wide variety of advising resources and services to students throughout their college careers. Resources and services for undergraduate students can be found in the Departments, the Advising Center, the Student Records Center, and the Dean’s Office. To find the resource or service you need, explore the menus listed below. If you are a graduate student, refer to for more information. If you’re not sure where to start, contact the Advising Center (575-646-2941 or for assistance.

Planning Your College CareerGetting AdvisedUnderstanding A&S Policies and ProceduresAdditional Advising InformationAdditional Resources
  • Exploring Majors and Careers
  • Understanding Degree requirements
  • Declaring a Major, Minor, or Supplementary Major
  • Degree Maps
  • STAR Degree Audit
  • Co-curricular Involvement
  • Senior Degree Check
  • Degree (Graduation) Application
  • What is advising
  • Who is my advisor?
  • Preparing for Your Advising Appointment
  • Important Dates and Deadlines
  • Advising Center
  • Advising Syllabus
  • FAQs
  • Academic Standing and Probation Advising
  • Holds
  • Late Add Requests
  • Dropping or Withdrawing from Courses
  • Basic Skills Requirements
  • Second Language Requirements
  • Overload Requests
  • Time Conflicts
  • Transfer Credit Evaluation
  • Substitutions and Waivers
  • Information for Web-Based Students
  • Language Verification
  • Missing Viewing a Wider World Credits
  • Applied Credits and PE
  • Getting Admitted or Readmitted
  • Signing up for Orientation
  • Registering for Classes
  • Grades and GPA
  • General Education
  • English and Math Placement
  • Advanced Placement Exams and Credit
  • CLEP Subject Exams
  • Undergraduate Catalog
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