Academic Departments: Social Sciences


Anthropologists study the human species and the human condition in all its diversity. Anthropologists ask questions such as: Who are we? Where did we come from? How did we get here? Why are we different from each other? What do all humans share in common? And, how can we better understand each other?

Communication Studies

The goals of New Mexico State University's Department of Communication Studies are to equip our students with practical tools of communication that can be applied in organizational, intercultural and interpersonal contexts. These tools include persuasion, conflict management, impression management and self-presentation, and skills in leadership communication, teaching, small group communication, conversation and relational communication.

Criminal Justice

The mission of the Department is based upon our understanding of Criminal Justice as an interdisciplinary social science field. Our goals are to prepare students for careers at the federal, state, and local levels throughout the criminal justice profession and to deliver the highest quality education to our undergraduate and graduate students, helping them develop critical thinking skills, knowledge in theoretical perspectives and methodological techniques, and providing experiential learning opportunities giving students first hand exposure to the complexities of the professional environment.


Geography is an amazing subject which can lead to a lucrative career. As a Geographer, you study different cultures, travel, learn how to map maps (cartography), apply computer skills, solve problems, and make a positive contribution to the world. If you like the outdoors, travel, maps, and computers you are on your way to becoming a Geographer! Geography is an exciting and rewarding major with incredible career opportunities.


The mission of the Department of Government is to produce and impart knowledge and skills necessary for understanding political issues and participating in public affairs. The faculty combine a deep commitment to teaching at all levels with a passion for scholarship and public service.

Interdisciplinary Studies Department

The Interdisciplinary Studies Department extends New Mexico State University’s reach beyond traditional academic programs, providing educational opportunities for students to meet their academic, professional, and personal learning goals. The Interdisciplinary Studies Department offers flexible degree programs in the Bachelor of Applied Studies and the Bachelor of Individualized Studies, giving students opportunities to develop their own degree programs appropriate to their unique education and career goals.

Journalism and Mass Communications

This vibrant exciting department offers the best in broadcastingpublic relations,print mediaadvertising, and photojournalism. The faculty have professional journalism backgrounds and the coursework will prepare you for real world activities.


The Psychology Department offers programs in psychology at the undergraduate and graduate level. In addition, the department offers opportunities for hands on experience in research and in field placements.


Sociology is the study of group life. As a social science it combines scientific and humanistic perspectives in the study of urban and rural life, family patterns and relationships, social change, inter-group relations, social class, environment, technology and communications, healthcare, and illness, social movements, community responses to disasters, and pressing contemporary social issues.

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