What is Arts & Sciences

Arts and Sciences is a collection of 23 departments that make up the largest College on the campus of New Mexico State University. The College of Arts and Sciences provides the core liberal arts education that prepares students to be knowledgeable and responsible citizens of the world by conducting and promoting research, scholarship, creative endeavors and outreach to fulfill the land grant mission of the university. This core of a liberal arts education includes all departments in the Fine Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, and the Sciences

  • Fine Arts
 Creative Media Institute
  • Humanities
 Languages and Linguistics
 Women's Studies
  • Social Sciences
 Communication Studies
 Criminal Justice
 Journalism and Mass Communications
 Women's Studies

  • Sciences

 Chemistry and Biochemistry
 Computer Science
 Geological Sciences
 Mathematical Sciences

 ROTC - Reserve Officer Training Corps
 Aerospace Studies
 Military Science

The College of Arts and Sciences has a vision that focuses on improving undergraduate and graduate education as well as increasing research and scholarship opportunities for all students. Almost all students will take coursework in the College of Arts and Sciences of which there are approximately 6,300 majors. Of those, 81% are undergraduate majors, 16% are graduate students and 3% are non-degree seeking students. The College has over 300 part-time and full-time regular faculty members.

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