STAR Degree Audits

Students can run automated degree checks through the STAR (STudent Academic Requirements) degree audit system. Use your NMSU User Name and NMSU Password to access the system.

IMPORTANT: The STAR degree audit will differ from your official NMSU records if:

  • (a) you are currently repeating a D grade, or are registered for a future course that will be a repeat of a D grade. Your audit will include the credit for both courses until the repeated course has been completed and graded. You can only receive credit for a course once. You must subtract those credits from your "In Progress" credits to get an accurate count of your total hours for graduation.
  • (b) you have completed a mini-course during the first half of the semester, and if the mini-course grade appears on your record. The STAR audit will compute that grade in your GPA caclualation right away, but the official NMSU record will not compute it until grades are posted at the end of the semester.

If you are considering more than one major, you must request a separate audit for each one. If you haven't decided on a major, this is an excellent way to explore the requirements for different programs. If you haven't used the STAR audits before, please refer to the "Audit Help" screen. Pay particular attention to "Choosing a Catalog Year" near the end of the help section.

Click here to access the STAR audit system. Then click on "STAR Degree Audit"

How long will it take you to graduate?
Click STAR Summary for information on how to summarize your audits.

Click STAR for Student for a power point presentation for PC's, a step by step guide to the audit.

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