College of Arts & Sciences Travel Grants

The College of Arts and Sciences recognizes the value of faculty development through travel opportunities that include attending conferences, workshops, meetings, and professional symposiums. Travel Grants are designed to help facilitate travel for faculty development or recognition at conferences or conventions and may be used for travel related to research, creativity, teaching, or outreach. The College will place the travel funds in an operating account within the respective departments for dissemination to the faculty members who are selected. Recipients have one year to spend the grant.

Travel Grant $1000

Selection process:  

Majority vote by the College of Art and Sciences Awards Committee with preference given to faculty who provide evidence the travel grant will specifically enhance scholarship and in general benefit the faculty, department, and college.

Criteria for selection: 

  • Support of research, creative activity, teaching, or outreach
  • Recognition for excellence at a major conference (e.g invited speaker) is helpful but not required


  • Tenured or Tenure Track (10 Travel grants)
  • College Track (3 Travel grants)
  • Meets expectations or higher in all areas on latest Annual Performance Report
  • Recipients must wait two academic years to reapply. For example: an award winner in academic year (fall or spring) 2014-15 may not apply until academic year (fall or spring) 2017-18.

 Application deadline and notification:

  • Applications will be accepted through Monday, February 15, 2016
  • Travel Grant recipients will be announced Monday, February 29, 2016
Travel Information
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