Discovery Scholars


Faculty who wish to serve as mentors will apply online through a link on the College of Arts and Sciences website. The Director of Discovery Scholars will make the initial selection of Faculty to participate and forward this to the College for approval. Any Faculty members with reports or other materials which have not been turned in to the College will be ineligible to participate and the College will inform the Director of who is ineligible.

Faculty who are selected to participate will then select a student whom they would like to mentor. This can be through a posting and interview process or the Faculty Mentor may have a student in mind when he/she applies to the program.


$1,500 in Fall or Spring to go toward Faculty travel and/or research

Students: $10/hour + $200 budget toward books, each semester

Students are also eligible to apply for up to $1,000 in travel funding

INTERNATIONAL DISCOVERY SCHOLAR AWARD will go to one student (does not have to be a Discovery Scholar) in Spring, 2016 for a program where they need to travel to another country for their research (up to $5,000)

SUMMER: $2,000 budget and students can work up to 40 hrs a week

FALL/Spring: $1,500 and can work 10-20 hours a week

Application Form
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