Non-Exempt Staff Award for Excellence

The Office of the Dean in the College of Arts and Sciences has established a Non-Exempt Staff Award for Excellence designed to recognize the exceptional contributions and achievements of our non-exempt staff in the College.  Each year, the award will be given in the form of a monetary bonus.


All regular, full or part-time non-exempt staff members within the College of Arts and Sciences are eligible each year (except those award recipients from the preceding two years). Nominees must have been employed in the College for at least twelve consecutive months prior to nomination.

A bonus is defined as recognition for exceptional performance above and beyond the normal scope of an employee’s assigned duties and responsibilities. A bonus is a one-time payment from the source deemed most appropriate by the Dean. (Note: continuation of this award program each year is contingent on available funds).

Guidelines for Nomination

Each year department or unit heads may nominate non-exempt staff within her/his program to receive a bonus award of $500.00. The number of awards each year will be determined by available fund amounts in the College.

Criteria for Award

Nominations should attest to one or more of the following:

  1. Outstanding service to others
  2. A sustained commitment to excellence in work performance
  3. Demonstrated commitment to the promotion of a truly diverse unit or College
  4. Demonstrated commitment to the promotion of collegiality and civility
  5. Demonstrated support of one or more of the core values of the College 

Selection and Award Procedure

The selection committee will review all nominations and select awardees. The committee will include: Two non-exempt staff members, at least one of whom received the award within the previous two years from the College, a faculty member, and a College of Arts and Sciences Associate Dean (who selects the committee each year).

Nominations are due by 11:59 PM, Friday, March 17, 2017

AFTER YOU SUBMIT A NOMINATION PLEASE SEND AN EMAIL TO JIM MURPHY at and within the body of the email indicate the name of the person you have submitted the Non-Exempt Staff award on behalf of. Thanks.

Award recipient(s) will be announced in April 2017.

Non-Exempt Staff Award for Excellence
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