Peer Learning Assistant Coordinator Position Application

The College of Arts and Sciences is seeking a highly motivated individual to serve as the Program Coordinator for the Peer Learning Assistant (PLA) Program. This program will coordinate and provide support, through funds provided by the President’s Performance Fund, for undergraduate Peer Learning Assistants. The program will be open to all departments in the College of Arts and Sciences. This coordinator position is open to all faculty members in the College of Arts and Sciences (Tenure Track and College Track). The Program Coordinator will receive one course release per academic semester as well as a summer stipend of $8,000 while serving in this position. The home academic department of the Program coordinator will receive $5000 per semester to hire an adjunct professor to cover the teaching assignments of the Program Coordinator.

The duties of the Program Coordinator for the PLA Program are as follows:

  1. Work with the PLA Advisory Board to develop and implement an application, recruitment, and selection process for departments, courses, and undergraduate students seeking participation in the program.

  2. Coordinate the hiring and payment of Peer Learning Assistants.

  3. Manage the budget provided by the Presidents Performance Fund (~$88,668 for Year One, subsequent years dependent on availability of recurring funds).

  4. Work with faculty members participating in the Peer Learning Assistant Program to develop, implement, and maintain program assessments.

  5. Assist with PLA training programs.

  6. Coordinate cohort events for participants in the program, such as workshops to discuss characteristics of effective PLA programs.

  7. Assist in the development of reports and assessments to the President’s office.

Desired skills include: An interest in and ability to work with students and faculty from different degree programs and backgrounds as they develop Peer Learning Assistant programs. Strong organizational skills.

Interested individuals should submit the following information to the Advisory Board through this website by Friday, May 23: (1) a complete CV; (2) a vision statement indicating plans if selected as Program Coordinator; and (3) names of three references. College-track and tenure-track faculty are eligible. Deadline for application is Friday, May 23 at 4:00 pm.

Peer Learning Assistant Coordinator
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