Creative Media Institute

The Creative Media Institute has a couple fantastic outreach programs in place. The first one is Curriculum Development Project. The Creative Media Institute produces school kits in conjunction with the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and the Bureau of Land Management. Dr. Phil Lewis directs the show and the producer is McKinney Briske. The program is aimed at 1st – 8th graders, and these kits will teach Permian Era paleontology. The kits feature actual fossil casts, 3D animations of scientifically accurate plants, animals, insects, and brachiopods developed by Derek Fisher and Derek Chase of the CMI and other cool illustrations designed by Mary Parrish from the Smithsonian Institute. The kits will have a film component, which will feature actual paleontologists from the Smithsonian Institution, the NM natural history museum, and the geological survey who will explain what they found as evidence for students to derive information from. A hostess will guide the students through a series of practical, hands on activities, as they become “Paleontologists” trying to discover what it was like in New Mexico 280 million years ago. Another part of the filming will teach instructors to use the kits in an effective way.

The other program that the Creative Media Institute has is a Teaching and Mentoring Program. Creative Media Institute students go into middle school Language Arts classrooms to teach filmmaking. The students are then responsible for writing, editing, drawing out, planning, shooting, and video editing their films into narrative form.  

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