The English Department has had the Borderlands Writing Program for over ten years! This outreach program has several aspects. The invitational Summer Institute which is an intensive workshop for public school teachers and graduate students on teaching writing. The Teacher Inquiry Work, which aims to educate public school teachers on professional development and reflective practices.

The English Department also has over-night retreats each Fall or Spring where teachers active in the Borderland Writing Project get the chance to participate in an uninterrupted writing and discussion of writing workshop.

The department sends two faculty members and two graduate students to Truth or Consequences to work on an English Teacher Inquiry/Action Research Seminar that focuses on implementing the New Common Core Standards.

However, the department’s main outreach organization for the last twenty-five years has been La Sociedad Para las Artes. Every year, the organization hosts free evening readings of national caliber. As part of a major research university in one of the poorest countries in the country, La Sociedad seeks opportunities to involve the English Department in the community.  

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