Many individuals in the Geography department take it upon themselves to provide outreach to the community. Dr. Dan Dugas provides ‘Science Days’ on a regular basis at local middle schools. Dr. Mike DeMers has an NGS grand that supports advancing Geography as a STEM discipline in statewide K-12 schools. Dr. Christopher Brown volunteers as a judge at the White Sands School Science Fair and provides a staff person and exhibit for the Science Museum. He is also currently helping with the NGS Geography Bee at White Sands School. Dr. Michaela Buenemann participates in a lot of Search and Rescue outreach. She is an active member of two teams in southern New Mexico and regularly teaches Search and Rescue skills like map, compass, and GPS use to teams.

The National Geographic Society’s National Geographic Education Foundation has awarded NMSU $32,000 to help educate children from kindergarten through 12th grade about geography. The New Mexico Geographic Alliance will become part of a network of fifty such alliances whose collective mission is to improve geographic education throughout the United States. The full article can be viewed at

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The New Mexico Geographic Alliance is part of a network of alliances supported by the National Geographic Education Foundation.  Our mission is to support and promote K-12 geography education throughout New Mexico and across the Nation.  If you are passionate about the importance of geographic education and recognize its role in so nearly everything we do, this you can help.  Join our Alliance, support our cause, get involved in activities, teaching, learning, sharing and empowering our children through geography.

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