Language & Linguistics

The professors of the Language & Linguistics department take on many outreach ventures on their own time.

Dr. Gabi Buchenau selects prize winners for the participants of the German National Test for high school students. She visits German classes and counselors at Las Cruces High School and Mayfield High School to recruit. She also participates on a committee to establish a German program at the new Centennial High School.

Dr. Mark Waltermire has been the official pronouncer for the Las Cruces Spelling Bee (grades 3-8) since 2008. Along with pronouncer duties, he meets with administrators and librarians who organize the event to review rules, procedures, and the official word list. He is responsible for ensuring that all the 375 official words from Scripps are pronounced properly, including alternate pronunciations, state the rules to students and parents, and maintain the pacing of the event.

Dr. Daniel Villa conducts a Calaveras workshop with kids from a number of elementary and middle schools in the area. He is currently working with faculty and administrators to explore possible collaboration with the Alma d’Arte high school Centennial projects.

Dr. Claude Fouillade visits high schools as a guest speaker in French classes.

Dr. Spencer Herrera participates in bilingual book readings the SHL program does with Cesar Chavez Elementary.

Dr. Patricia MacGregor-Mendoza goes to Gadsden High School at least twice a year to speak to students in the Honors and AP Spanish courses to provide them with information about applying for college and how they can take advantage of the credits they’d earn by taking AP exams.  

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