The Music Department has many great outreach programs in place.

The NMSU Choirs and voice faculty offers a clinic each September to help students prepare and learn music for their All-State Auditions.

In February each year, the music department offers an audition day for high school seniors interested in majoring in music. All music faculty suspends their regular teaching schedule to meet with students and their families, assist in advising, hearing auditions, and offering scholarships.

The NMSU Choirs and DALO collaborate with the Santa Fe Opera to celebrate New Mexico’s centennial. The children’s opera has been commissioned by the state of New Mexico. Forty elementary and junior high students will be selected to sing in the children’s chorus. NMSU faculty and Santa Fe Opera personnel will lead a summer program to prepare the students.

The Pride Marching Band works with pre-school and elementary aged students each fall presenting a musical program.  

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