Olga Ostos

Olga Ostos started at NMSU on June 1, 1998.  She has worked in several offices and is now Associate Director and Business Manager, Small for the College of Arts and Sciences Research Center, where she supervised three account technicians and three students.  Her Master’s degree from NMSU is in Higher Education Administration.  Before coming to NMSU she was a licensed agent and sold auto and property insurance.  She also worked as a transport officer at the Dona Ana County Sheriff’s department.  

Olga is a volunteer Advocate for La Pinion Sexual Recovery and is involved with her church family. She has three beautiful grandchildren -- a six year old granddaughter (Kayleigh) and two year-old twins (Isaac) and (Kaprice).  She has a sister and two brothers. 

Olga enjoys spending time with her family, especially the grandchildren.  She loves outdoor activities, including gardening, camping, and going to the beach.  Since she grew up in California, she used to go to the beach often.  She enjoys learning about other cultures and cooking for her family. 


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