Information for Web Based Students

The following information includes procedural guides for situations web-based students may encounter for which the College can provide assistance.

  1. How to register for a class that requires permission of the instructor.
    Some classes, such as a directed readings class, are capped at 0, and require the student to receive permission from the instructor to add the class. To be admitted to the class, students should e-mail or phone the instructor, and ask the instructor if they would open the class for their admission. If the permission is granted, the instructor can open the class for the student, and the student can then add the class in the normal fashion.
  2. How to gain access to a full class.
    In some situations, instructors may add an extra student to their classes. E-mail the instructor, outlining your reasons for needing the class in question. If permission is given to add the class, the instructor will open the class list for you, and you will be able to add the class in the normal fashion.
  3. How to re-add the class if you are dis-enrolled for non-payment.
    If the last day to add has not passed and the class is open, simply arrange for payment with the University Business Office, and re-add the class. If the class is full and/or the last day to add has passed, e-mail the class instructor, and ask the instructor to forward your e-mail to Dana ( in the Dean’s Office together with his or her request that you be added back to the class. The Dean’s Office can then re-add you to the class if you have made financial arrangements with the Business Office.

One can pay on-line (see University web site), call (local 646-1680 or 1-888-729-6678), or write (NMSU Accounts Receivable, MSC 4570, P.O. Box 30001, Las Cruces, NM, 88003).

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