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New Mexico State University

Dr. Kassia Wosick

Sexualities, Gender, Intimate Relationships, Qualitative Methods, Feminist Theory, Social Psychology, Inequalities

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Office: Science Hall 286E

Curriculum Vitae


Ph.D. - Sociology, University of California, Irvine (2007)
M.A. - Sociology, University of California, Irvine (2002)
B.A. - Sociology, University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire (2000)



Before transitioning to NMSU, I held lecturer positions at UC Irvine, Irvine Valley College, and Chapman University in southern California. I was also the Instructional Development Associate for the Teaching, Learning & Technology Center (TLTC) at UC Irvine, which involved coordinating faculty development and conducting workshops on teaching and learning throughout the campus. In 2002, I created the first Sociology of Sexuality (Soc 69) course at UC Irvine, which has involved thousands of students over the past several years. I often speak at on-campus residential facilities, in various classes, and at organizational meetings on the subjects of Safer Sex, the Kama Sutra, and Sex Positivity. Since my professional background focuses on sexualities, I hope to continue to foster a sexualized academic landscape here at NMSU.  

Areas of Interest:

Sexualities, Gender, Intimate Relationships, Families, Symbolic Interaction, Feminist and Queer Theories, Qualitative Research Methods, Inequalities.

Recent Research Activities:

My primary research interests are in sexualities, with a focus on the construction and negotiation of sexual identities (mainly bisexuality), fidelity in romantic relationships (operationalizing commitment, love and intimacy), and the gendered commodification of sex (particularly in strip clubs). I am currently examining female sexual subjectivity and women as consumers in the sex industry, specifically in relation to pornography.

Recent Publications:

Wosick-Correa, Kassia R. 2010. "Agreements, Rules, and Agentic Fidelity in Polyamorous Relationships." Psychology and Sexuality (forthcoming).

Wosick-Correa, Kassia R. and Gaugno, Diana. 2010. "LGBTQ Cultural Considerations." Invited Chapter forthcoming in IVP Textbook of Sexual Assault.

Frank, David John, Hardinge, Tara, & Kassia Wosick-Correa. 2009. “The Global Dimensions of Rape-Law Reform: A Cross-National Study of Policy Outcomes.” American Sociological Review 74 (2), 272-290.

Wosick-Correa, Kassia R.; Lauren J. Joseph. 2008. “Sexy Ladies Sexing Ladies: Women as Consumers in Strip Clubs.” Journal of Sex Research, 45 (3), 201-216.

Wosick-Correa, Kassia R. 2006. “Identity and Community: The Social Construction of Bisexuality in Women.” Pp. 42-52 in Sex Matters: The Sexuality and Society Reader, edited by Mindy Stombler et al. Boston: Allyn and Bacon.

Wosick-Correa, Kassia R. 2003. Book Review of Lesbian and Gay Psychology: New Perspectives, edited by Adrian Coyle and Celia Kitzinger. Contemporary Sociology, 32 (3): 327.

Recent Teaching Activities:

Since my teaching style relies on applied knowledge and applicable humor, I incorporate subject fundamentals in ways that challenge, inspire, and engage students. I see my responsibility here at NMSU as creating an educational environment that allows students to have some degree of control in their learning process. I strive to uphold reciprocity, and I encourage students to realize their agency in the classroom, while conducting research, and preparing for careers in and outside academia.

I have experience teaching a wide range of undergraduate and graduate courses on sexualities, symbolic interaction, introductory sociology, marraiges and families, sociology of gender, men and masculinities, academic professionalization, death and dying, sociological foundations, qualitative research methods, mixed method research, sociological theory, and contemporary theoretical paradigms like Feminist and Queer Theories.

Current NMSU courses include:

- Soc 350 Sociological Foundations
- Soc 352 Social Research Methods
- Soc 355 Contemporary Sexualities
- Soc 468 Global Sexualities
- Soc 569 Advanced Issues in Sexualities
- Soc 582 Individual and Society

Undergraduate Advising:

I am currently the Academic Advisor for Freshmen and Sophomores in the Department of Anthropology and Sociology. Please email me at to schedule an appointment for academic advising.