A&S Policies and Procedures

A&S Policies and Procedures

Annual Allocation of Effort Guidelines and Form

Academic Scheduling and Temporary Course Funding Guidelines

A&S Bylaws

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Digital Measures

Digital Measures allows NMSU faculty to track teaching, research, and service activities. It also allows for the easy generation of annual Performance Evaluation reports, promotion and tenure reviews, NIH and NSF Biographical Sketch reports for grant application, and reports to external constituents.

Emeritus Request Procedures

Faculty Evaluations / APRs

Faculty Line Requests - Both Regular and Visiting

Faculty Hiring Process


Functions and Criteria Documents

Leave Process - Sabbatical and Other Leave - Requests for 21/22 DUE NOVEMBER 20th

New Hire Resources

NMSU Equipment Loan for Home Use

NMSU equipment should not be removed from the NMSU campus until you have approval to do so.

  • Univeristy Equipment Loan Form – This form should be use to obtain approval for loan of NMSU tagged or non-tagged Property or to renew the loan of NMSU Property. Any faculty or staff member or student requesting a loan of property must fill out Sections 1 – 3 of the Equipment Loan Form then route for proper approval.
  • Adobe Sign Form – This link will provide the access to the new Adobe Sign method. Here are step by step instructions for submitting a new workflow for the equipment property form.
  • Per Business Procedure Manual (BPM) 4A.10 Physical Inventory,each department is accountable for and must take a physical inventory of all tagged property, regardless of ownership, at the close of the fiscal year or as otherwise directed, with the Department Head acknowledging responsibility for the equipment.
  • Per BPM 4A.35.2 Off-Campus Loan of University Property, loan of NMSU property to a faculty or staff member or a student for off-campus use in a university program must have prior approval from the Principal Investigator (PI) and/or the Department Head of the responsible department. The lending department will maintain documentation of custody for the duration of the loan. Locations of off-campus property must be reported to Central Property. Condition of the item and date of expected return will be noted in the documentation.

Reminder – during the annual inventory process, tagged property will need to be scanned, including property on loan if it is locally available.

Outcomes Assessment

P&T Policies and Procedures

  • P&T Deadlines
    • September 13, 2020 – Faculty complete the subission of the electronic portfolios in digital measures workflow
    • September15, 2020 – Department heads upload external reviews into DM workflow
    • October 11, 2020 – Department committees reports due in DM workflow
    • November 1 2020 – Department head evaluations due in DM workflow
    • January 17, 2021 – College committee reports due
    • January 31, 2021 – Dean reviews in DM workflow

Staff Evaluations

Staff Hiring Process

Syllabus Requirements