Creative Media Institute creates exciting video for NMSU men’s basketball team

The Creative Media Institute created a video introducing the players of the 2015-16 men’s basketball team. Inspired by the old spaghetti Westerns, the video sees the athletes and coach in the gym and also out in the desert in old West attire in an old fashioned Mexican standoff. To watch the video: The Magnificent Aggies (full-length promo) at

This was a true CMI production as faculty members and CMI students were involved in the entire production of this video. Faculty members, Ross Marks (director), Mitch Fowler (director of photography) and Sherwin Lau (editor, sound designer) were the faculty members involved. Many CMI students were involved with the on-set production process of the project.

For more information contact Ross Marks at 575-528-9032 or or Mitch Fowler at or Sherwin Lau at 575-635-4372 or

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