Guidelines for the next cycle of PandT

Guidelines for next cycle of P&T.

As we approach the P&T progress review, it is time to think about the upcoming cycle of promotions and tenures. The following guidelines apply for people who intend to apply for promotion and/or tenure in Fall 2024.

We are updating our P&T documents to gain compliance with NMSU policies and we will eventually ask the departments to do the same. In meantime, we would like to ask that you communicate the following to your faculty members:

  1. Anyone who intends to be considered for tenure and/or promotion needs to declare their intent to do so to the Department Head
  2. The Dean’s office needs to be aware of such note of intent in order to enable the workflow system for them – we want to do this ASAP so that they can start working on their portfolio during the summer

We would like to be notified by each department of faculty members who intend to apply for promotion and/or tenure by TBD. At that time we will also need to have finalized the composition of the P&T committees (that is required to enable the workflow system). Just as we did last year, we will use a googledoc to collect the relevant information. Please do the following by TBD

  • Access your tab in the document:
  • Record in the table the faculty who are going to apply for promotion and/or tenure this Fall. DO NOT enter any information if you do not have any faculty applying for promotion or tenure
  • Please complete the relevant entries in the P&T committee composition. If you need new members appointed, please work with Hope on that – keep in mind that we will need the committees finalized by March 5th, so please do not wait until the last moment.