New Faculty

College of Arts and Sciences

New Faculty 2019-2020

This year the College of Arts and Sciences is honored to welcome 17 new faculty members to join our outstanding academic departments. We are very pleased to have an excellent group of new talented colleagues join our outstanding faculty and contribute to the teaching, scholarship, service and outreach mission of the college and the university.

The university environment thrives with a steady infusion of fresh talent, innovative ideas, strong engagement, and high energy. Each department that greets a new colleague has conducted a comprehensive search and selected the faculty member the department believes has these qualities and has the desire to make significant contributions at New Mexico State University.

We thank our new colleagues for the enthusiasm they have created by joining our university and for the renewed energy we feel as we hail their arrival.

It is my pleasure to welcome all faculty, staff and students to the College of Arts and Sciences at NMSU for the 2019-2020 academic year!  Hope it is another wonderful and rewarding year of accomplishments and excellence for all of you!

Enrico Pontelli, Ph.D.


College of Arts and Sciences