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Funding Priorities for the College of Arts and Sciences

Aggie Jump Start Summer Pre-College Fund: Students prepare for academic success by transition from high school to college-level English and Mathematics.  $40,000 per summer

Elizabeth Ayres Pollard Sustaining Academic Progress Fund: Assists NMSU students whose educational debt prevents their continued enrollment.  $40,000 per academic year

Returning Scholars Fund: Helps students who have earned associate degrees continue working toward a four-year degree at NMSU.  $70,000 per students for two academic years

Discovery Scholars Program: Undergraduate students work with faculty/staff mentors on research/scholarship projects that better prepare students for graduate or professional school.  $55,000 per academic year

Future Leaders Endowed Scholarship: Supports students interested in proceeding directly into doctoral studies at NMSU with senior year tuition and graduate Assistantships for the first year doctoral program.  $375,000+

For additional information about naming opportunities or giving please contact:

Patrick Knapp, Director of Development


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Dean's Office, College of Arts and Sciences

wdt_ID Category Number Link
1 Dean's Office, College of Arts and Sciences 102000-201 Arts and Sciences Dean's Fund for Excellence
2 Dean's Office, College of Arts and Sciences 102001-201 Excellence in the Arts Fund
3 Dean's Office, College of Arts and Sciences 102003-201 Thomas M. Gale Excellence Fund
4 Dean's Office, College of Arts and Sciences 102004-201 Excellence in the Sciences Fund
5 Dean's Office, College of Arts and Sciences 102008-201 Excellence in the Social Sciences Fund
6 Dean's Office, College of Arts and Sciences 102020-201 Excellence in Promoting International Engagement for Faculty & Staff
7 Dean's Office, College of Arts and Sciences 102021-201 Excellence in Promoting International Engagement for Students
8 Dean's Office, College of Arts and Sciences 102183-201 J. Paul Taylor Social Justice Symposium
9 Dean's Office, College of Arts and Sciences 102188-201 (Williams Hall) Art Conservation Lab
10 Dean's Office, College of Arts and Sciences 102285-201 Greening the Curriculum (Sustainability) Scholarship-Arts and Sciences College
Category Number Link


New Creative Media

wdt_ID Category Number Link
1 Creative Media 100234-836 Creative Media Institute
2 Creative Media 100243-836 Mary Mill Aspiring Artists Current Use Fund
3 Creative Media 102511-836 Creative Media Institute (CMI) General Scholarship Fund
4 Creative Media 980502-836 Michael Laurance Memorial Endowed Scholarship for the Creative Media Institute at New Mexico State University
5 Creative Media 980516-836 Brian D. and Ann M. Palormo Memorial Endowed Scholarship
6 Creative Media 980519-836 Marjorie A. and Anthony Tony Brooke Endowed Scholarship
7 Creative Media 982208-836 Thelma Medoff Endowed Fund
8 Creative Media 982761-836 Mark Medoff Visiting Lecture Series Endowment
Category Number Link


wdt_ID Category Number Link
1 Music 100170-217 Sun Dancers
2 Music 102329-217 Pride Marching Band
3 Music 102340-217 Partners for Musical Excellence
4 Music 102341-217 Symphony
5 Music 102342-217 Dona Ana Lyric Opera
6 Music 102343-217 Friends of Vocal Music
7 Music 102345-217 Musical Department Band Programs
8 Music 102360-217 Music Travel
9 Music 102362-217 NMSU Jazz Band
10 Music 102364-217 NMSU Choral Activities Travel Fund
Category Number Link

Theatre Arts

wdt_ID Category Number Link
1 Theatre Arts 102436-223 OCTS-Theatre Arts Student Organization
2 Theatre Arts 102439-223 Theatre Arts Department
3 Theatre Arts 102940-223 Theatre Arts Scholarship
4 Theatre Arts 102941-223 Dr. Joe Denk Memorial Current Use Scholarship
5 Theatre Arts 982340-223 Theatre Arts Endowed Scholarship
6 Theatre Arts 982780-223 Eve Yoquelet Scholarship
7 Theatre Arts 982782-223 Thomas A. Erhard Endowed Playwriting Scholarship
8 Theatre Arts 982783-223 Kimberly Ming Theatre Arts Scholarship
9 Theatre Arts 982784-223 Sutherland-McManus Memorial Theatre Arts Scholarship
10 Theatre Arts 982785-223 Sharon Beth Kallick Memorial Scholarship
Category Number Link


wdt_ID Category Number Link
1 English 102220-210 English: Technical Writing Program
2 English 102221-210 English Department
3 English 102225-210 La Sociedad Para Las Artes
4 English 102238-210 NMSU Writing Program
5 English 102245-210 Writers in the Schools
6 English 102279-210 Girlhood Remixed: Technology and Identity
7 English 102327-210 Borderlands Writing Project
8 English 102773-210 Sara Anne Olivares Memorial Current Use Scholarship
9 English 102775-210 English Department Scholarship
10 English 102783-210 Robert Boswell/Antonya Nelson Short Story Award Fund
Category Number Link


wdt_ID Category Number Link
1 History 102254-213 History Department
2 History 102261-213 Public History Program
3 History 102801-213 History Scholarship
4 History 982152-213 Department of History Endowment
5 History 982648-213 Edward and Lydie Thiery Hull Endowed Fund
6 History 982649-213 Clark-Kropp Endowed Scholarship Fund
7 History 982650-213 Monroe Billington Award Fund
8 History 991229-213 Ned Newman Endowment for French and European History
9 History 991236-213 Steele Jones Memorial Graduate Fellowship in History
10 Museum 102450-816 Museum Publications
Category Number Link

Languages and Linguistics

wdt_ID Category Number Link
1 Languages and Linguistics 102230-211 Languages and Linguistics Department
2 Languages and Linguistics 102235-211 Increasing Library Holding in Linguistics In Spanish
3 Languages and Linguistics 102785-211 Helga Harries Delisle Memorial Current Use Scholarship in Linguistics
4 Languages and Linguistics 102786-211 The Cecilia Rodriguez Pino Current Use Scholarship for Mothers
5 Languages and Linguistics 982602-211 Carl A. Tyre Memorial Award
6 Languages and Linguistics 982615-211 Dr. Ricardo Aguilar-Melantzon Endowed Memorial Fund for Graduate Studies in Spanish
7 Languages and Linguistics 982616-211 Languages and Linguistics Scholarship
8 Languages and Linguistics 982618-211 Ralph and Amelia Montes Skaggs Experiential Learning Scholarship in Arts & Sciences
9 Languages and Linguistics 987934-211 Fabian and Virginia Samaniego Endowed Scholarship
10 Languages and Linguistics 991220-211 Fabian A. Samaniego Endowment
Category Number Link


wdt_ID Category Number Link
1 Philosophy 102370-218 Philosophy Department
2 Philosophy 102900-218 Philosophy Department Scholarship
3 Philosophy 982691-218 Philosophy Alumni/Faculty Scholarship
4 Philosophy 982692-218 Paul T. Sagal Endowed Philosophy Scholarship
5 Philosophy 991277-218 Richard L. Hedden Endowed Chair in Advanced Philosophical Studies
Category Number Link


wdt_ID Category Number Link
1 Astronomy 102022-204 Gary D. Seipel Current Use Fund
2 Astronomy 102080-204 Astronomy Department
3 Astronomy 102083-204 Tortugas Observatory Current Use Fund
4 Astronomy 102570-204 William Webber Voyager Current Use Graduate Fund
5 Astronomy 162265-204 Astronomy Graduate Student Scholarship
6 Astronomy 982076-204 A. Scott Murrell Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund
7 Astronomy 982077-204 Kevin B. Marvel Endowed Fund
8 Astronomy 991280-204 Clyde and Patricia Tombaugh Endowed Chair
9 VP University Advancement 970664-974 Dr. Barry N. Rappaport Memorial Scholarship
Category Number Link


wdt_ID Category Number Link
1 Biology 102087-205 Sandra Whaley Foster Hall Renovation Current Used Fund
2 Biology 102089-205 Donald and Regina Howard Biology Fund
3 Biology 102090-205 Biology Department
4 Biology 102093-205 Biology-Herbarium Department
5 Biology 102096-205 Biology Department Lab Equipment
6 Biology 102099-205 Biology 111/211 Laboratory
7 Biology 102100-205 Vertebrate and Anthropod Museums
8 Biology 102101-205 Squid Fund Research-Biology
9 Biology 102112-205 Hughes Precollege and College Science Education
10 Biology 102123-205 Biology Student Support Current Use Fund
Category Number Link

Computer Science

wdt_ID Category Number Link
1 Computer Science 102150-207 Computer Science Department
2 Computer Science 102681-207 Computer Science Scholarship
3 Computer Science 102685-207 Dooglamoo Studios Scholarship
4 Computer Science 102686-207 Skip Wagner/ALATEC Book Current Use Scholarship
5 Computer Science 102688-207 Google/Computer Science CS4HS Program
6 Computer Science 982091-207 Founders' Fund
7 Computer Science 982092-207 Frank Harary Memorial Endowed Fund
8 Computer Science 982561-207 Mark Nesiba Memorial Endowed Scholarship for Women in Computing
9 Computer Science 982564-207 Blount Endowed Scholarship
10 Computer Science 982575-207 Richard H. Stark Endowed Scholarship Fund in Computer Science
Category Number Link

Geological Sciences

wdt_ID Category Number Link
1 Geological Sciences 102157-209 Wells Fargo Fund - Zuhl Museum Children's Corner
2 Geological Sciences 102186-209 Friends of the Zuhl Collection
3 Geological Sciences 102187-209 Geological Sciences Graduate Student Research Fund
4 Geological Sciences 102190-209 Geological Sciences Department
5 Geological Sciences 102192-209 Geological Sciences Colloquium Fund
6 Geological Sciences 102194-209 Geology Field Teaching and Research
7 Geological Sciences 102195-209 Geology Lab Teaching and Research Fund
8 Geological Sciences 102196-209 Mass Spectrometry and Laser Sampling Laboratory System
9 Geological Sciences 102714-209 Geological Sciences Scholarship
10 Geological Sciences 102719-209 Peter Wichert Mem Curator Fund
Category Number Link

Mathematical Sciences

wdt_ID Category Number Link
1 Mathematical Sciences 102300-215 Mathematical Sciences Department
2 Mathematical Sciences 102307-215 NMSU Math Association Fund
3 Mathematical Sciences 102311-215 Math 120 Fund
4 Mathematical Sciences 102840-215 Mathematical Sciences Scholarship
5 Mathematical Sciences 162286-215 Deborah Louise Thomas Memorial Endowed Award
6 Mathematical Sciences 982652-215 Mathematical Sciences Endowed Scholarship
7 Mathematical Sciences 982660-215 Anna Schrufer Kist Endowed Scholarship
Category Number Link


wdt_ID Category Number Link
1 Physics 102377-219 George W Gardiner Professor Physics 2015-17 - Dr. Matthias Burkardt
2 Physics 102381-219 Physics: Geophysics Program
3 Physics 102382-219 Physics Department
4 Physics 102910-219 Physics Scholarship
5 Physics 102911-219 Engineering Physics Current Use Scholarship
6 Physics 162231-219 George W. Gardiner Memorial
7 Physics 162295-219 Bezdek Scholarship Fund
8 Physics 982250-219 H. Bartel and Doris Williams Memorial
9 Physics 982251-219 Dr. Horace Coburn Physics Endowed Fund
10 Physics 982252-219 Albert and Mabel Burris Physics Fellowship
Category Number Link


wdt_ID Category Number Link
1 Aerospace Studies (Air Force) 102026-202 Air Force ROTC
2 Aerospace Studies (Air Force) 102283-202 Air Force ROTC Alumni Curent Use Scholarship
3 Aerospace Studies (Air Force) 102284-202 Air Force AAS Veterans Heritage Dinner ROTC Current Use Scholarship
4 Aerospace Studies (Air Force) 102527-202 Colonel Lawrence J. and Trudi Hahn Pickett Memorial Air Force ROTC Scholarship
5 Aerospace Studies (Air Force) 102528-202 Lieutenant Colonel Max L. Piper Current Use Award
6 Aerospace Studies (Air Force) 162261-202 Phillip E. Neale, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
7 Aerospace Studies (Air Force) 982030-202 John J. Valkenaar Sr. Memorial Air Force ROTC Endowed Fund
8 Aerospace Studies (Air Force) 982511-202 Colonel Elwood J. Buck Waid Endowed Scholarship
Category Number Link


wdt_ID Category Number Link
1 Anthropology 100962-221 Indigenous Nations for Community Actions (INCA) Current Use Scholarship in the Anthropology
2 Anthropology 102314-221 Friends of Anthropology
3 Anthropology 102420-221 Anthropology Department
4 Anthropology 102934-221 Anthropology General Scholarship Fund
5 Anthropology 982300-221 Archaeological Research Lab
Category Number Link

Communication Studies

wdt_ID Category Number Link
1 Communication Studies 102430-222 Communication Studies Department
2 Communication Studies 102930-222 Communication Studies Scholarship
3 Communication Studies 102931-222 Rebecca M. Verser Memorial Scholarship Fund
4 Communication Studies 102937-222 Kathrine Martinez-Graham Memorial Current Use Scholarship
5 Communication Studies 982750-222 Isabel M. Crouch Readers Theatre Scholarship
6 Communication Studies 982751-222 Gordon Owen Graduate Fellowship
7 Communication Studies 982752-222 Raymond J. and Nylda L. Zakahi Endowed Scholarship
Category Number Link

Criminal Justice

wdt_ID Category Number Link
1 Criminal Justice 102180-208 Criminal Justice Department
2 Criminal Justice 102181-208 Criminal Justice Instructional Equipment
3 Criminal Justice 102689-208 Ronald A. and Lucy A. Pincomb Memorial Current Use Scholarship
4 Criminal Justice 102690-208 Criminal Justice Scholarship
5 Criminal Justice 982557-208 Herbert F. Greathouse Memorial Endowed Scholarship
6 Criminal Justice 982562-208 CHP Captain Gregory Tracey Endowed Scholarship
7 Criminal Justice 982565-208 Colonel Albert Fountain Endowed Scholarship
Category Number Link


wdt_ID Category Number Link
1 Geography 102446-225 Geography Scholarship
2 Geography 102447-225 Geography Department
3 Geography 161778-225 Robert & Elizabeth Czerniak Geography Scholarship
Category Number Link


wdt_ID Category Number Link
1 Government 102249-212 Model United Nations Program
2 Government 102250-212 Government Department
3 Government 102257-212 Roque M. Lujan Current Use Fund for the Study of Public Administration and Government
4 Government 102278-212 Nick Franklin Model United Nations Current Use Fund
5 Government 102790-212 Government Scholarship
6 Government 982145-212 Roque M. Lujan Seminar Endowed Fund
7 Government 982146-212 Dr. Leonard R. Sugerman Model United Nations Endowed Fund
8 Government 982147-212 Social Justice Award Endowment
9 Government 982148-212 Roque M. Lujan Endowed Fund for the Study of Public Administration and Government
10 Government 982149-212 Nick Franklin Government Endowed Fund
Category Number Link

Interdisciplinary Studies

wdt_ID Category Number Link
1 Interdisciplinary Studies 102693-228 Sammy J Gurule Memorial Scholarship
Category Number Link

Journalism and Mass Communications

wdt_ID Category Number Link
1 Journalism and Mass Communications 102200-214 New Mexico Broadcasters Association Travel Fund
2 Journalism and Mass Communications 102201-214 Kokopeli Online Newspaper
3 Journalism and Mass Communications 102202-214 Journalism-News 22
4 Journalism and Mass Communications 102280-214 Journalism and Mass Communications Department
5 Journalism and Mass Communications 102282-214 Journalism: Student Travel
6 Journalism and Mass Communications 102809-214 Cress Excellence in Journalism Current Use Scholarship
7 Journalism and Mass Communications 102810-214 Journalism and Mass Communications Scholarship
8 Journalism and Mass Communications 102818-214 Batkin Broadcasting Current Use Scholarship
9 Journalism and Mass Communications 102820-214 News 22 Student Scholarship
10 Journalism and Mass Communications 162221-214 Charles L. Eberhardt Memorial Scholarship
Category Number Link

Military Sciences (Army)

wdt_ID Category Number Link
1 Military Sciences (Army) 100930-216 Bataan Battalion Scholarship
2 Military Sciences (Army) 102320-216 Army ROTC Department
3 Military Sciences (Army) 102323-216 Wesley Walker Airborne and Assault Award
4 Military Sciences (Army) 102843-216 Army ROTC Scholarships
5 Military Sciences (Army) 102845-216 Lieutenant Colonel William J. Reinhart, II Current Use Award
6 Military Sciences (Army) 980300-216 Emmett L. Nations Memorial Scholarship
7 Military Sciences (Army) 980498-216 Hellmuth Military Science and Aersopace Studies Endowment
8 Military Sciences (Army) 982190-216 CSM John Francis Quirk Endowed Cadet Support Fund
9 Military Sciences (Army) 982646-216 Manatt Army ROTC Leadership Endowed Scholarship
10 Military Sciences (Army) 982647-216 Colonel Kary and Betty Wall Fund
Category Number Link


wdt_ID Category Number Link
1 Psychology 102400-220 Psychology Department
2 Psychology 102915-220 Psychology Scholarship
3 Psychology 162205-220 George E. Briggs Memorial Award
4 Psychology 982721-220 Peter Foltz and Adrienne Lee Graduate Endowed Scholarship in the Department of Psychology
Category Number Link


wdt_ID Category Number Link
1 Sociology 102270-224 Women's Studies Program
2 Sociology 102272-224 Friends of Sociology
3 Sociology 102921-224 Sociology Scholarship
4 Sociology 982301-224 Charles P. and Zona Kemp Loomis Endowed Professorship in Rural Sociology
5 Sociology 982732-224 Sigurd Johansen Memorial Scholarship
Category Number Link

Consolidated List of Funds

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