What is #GivingTuesday? GivingTuesday is a special day of the year where thousands of NMSU Aggies from all over the world, including students, rally to support students at NMSU—this will be our sixth year celebrating #GivingTuesday at NMSU.

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This year the priority fund for the College of Arts and Sciences is the Elizabeth Ayres Pollard Current Use Fund.  This fund known as the Sustaining Academic Progress Award supports arts and sciences college majors who are in good standing and making progress towards their degrees, but who are in financial need during these challenging times.

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Dean's Office, College of Arts and Sciences

wdt_ID Category Number Link
1 Dean's Office, College of Arts and Sciences 102000-201 Arts and Sciences Dean's Fund for Excellence
2 Dean's Office, College of Arts and Sciences 102001-201 Excellence in the Arts Fund
3 Dean's Office, College of Arts and Sciences 102003-201 Thomas M. Gale Excellence Fund
4 Dean's Office, College of Arts and Sciences 102004-201 Excellence in the Sciences Fund
5 Dean's Office, College of Arts and Sciences 102008-201 Excellence in the Social Sciences Fund
6 Dean's Office, College of Arts and Sciences 102020-201 Excellence in Promoting International Engagement for Faculty & Staff
7 Dean's Office, College of Arts and Sciences 102021-201 Excellence in Promoting International Engagement for Students
8 Dean's Office, College of Arts and Sciences 102183-201 J. Paul Taylor Social Justice Symposium
9 Dean's Office, College of Arts and Sciences 102188-201 (Williams Hall) Art Conservation Lab
10 Dean's Office, College of Arts and Sciences 102285-201 Greening the Curriculum (Sustainability) Scholarship-Arts and Sciences College
Category Number Link


New Creative Media

wdt_ID Category Number Link
1 Creative Media 100234-836 Creative Media Institute
2 Creative Media 100243-836 Mary Mill Aspiring Artists Current Use Fund
3 Creative Media 102511-836 Creative Media Institute (CMI) General Scholarship Fund
4 Creative Media 980502-836 Michael Laurance Memorial Endowed Scholarship for the Creative Media Institute at New Mexico State University
5 Creative Media 980516-836 Brian D. and Ann M. Palormo Memorial Endowed Scholarship
6 Creative Media 980519-836 Marjorie A. and Anthony Tony Brooke Endowed Scholarship
7 Creative Media 982208-836 Thelma Medoff Endowed Fund
8 Creative Media 982761-836 Mark Medoff Visiting Lecture Series Endowment
Category Number Link


wdt_ID Category Number Link
1 Music 100170-217 Sun Dancers
2 Music 102329-217 Pride Marching Band
3 Music 102340-217 Partners for Musical Excellence
4 Music 102341-217 Symphony
5 Music 102342-217 Dona Ana Lyric Opera
6 Music 102343-217 Friends of Vocal Music
7 Music 102345-217 Musical Department Band Programs
8 Music 102360-217 Music Travel
9 Music 102362-217 NMSU Jazz Band
10 Music 102364-217 NMSU Choral Activities Travel Fund
Category Number Link

Theatre Arts

wdt_ID Category Number Link
1 Theatre Arts 102436-223 OCTS-Theatre Arts Student Organization
2 Theatre Arts 102439-223 Theatre Arts Department
3 Theatre Arts 102940-223 Theatre Arts Scholarship
4 Theatre Arts 102941-223 Dr. Joe Denk Memorial Current Use Scholarship
5 Theatre Arts 982340-223 Theatre Arts Endowed Scholarship
6 Theatre Arts 982780-223 Eve Yoquelet Scholarship
7 Theatre Arts 982782-223 Thomas A. Erhard Endowed Playwriting Scholarship
8 Theatre Arts 982783-223 Kimberly Ming Theatre Arts Scholarship
9 Theatre Arts 982784-223 Sutherland-McManus Memorial Theatre Arts Scholarship
10 Theatre Arts 982785-223 Sharon Beth Kallick Memorial Scholarship
Category Number Link


wdt_ID Category Number Link
1 English 102220-210 English: Technical Writing Program
2 English 102221-210 English Department
3 English 102225-210 La Sociedad Para Las Artes
4 English 102238-210 NMSU Writing Program
5 English 102245-210 Writers in the Schools
6 English 102279-210 Girlhood Remixed: Technology and Identity
7 English 102327-210 Borderlands Writing Project
8 English 102773-210 Sara Anne Olivares Memorial Current Use Scholarship
9 English 102775-210 English Department Scholarship
10 English 102783-210 Robert Boswell/Antonya Nelson Short Story Award Fund
Category Number Link


wdt_ID Category Number Link
1 History 102254-213 History Department
2 History 102261-213 Public History Program
3 History 102801-213 History Scholarship
4 History 982152-213 Department of History Endowment
5 History 982648-213 Edward and Lydie Thiery Hull Endowed Fund
6 History 982649-213 Clark-Kropp Endowed Scholarship Fund
7 History 982650-213 Monroe Billington Award Fund
8 History 991229-213 Ned Newman Endowment for French and European History
9 History 991236-213 Steele Jones Memorial Graduate Fellowship in History
10 Museum 102450-816 Museum Publications
Category Number Link

Languages and Linguistics

wdt_ID Category Number Link
1 Languages and Linguistics 102230-211 Languages and Linguistics Department
2 Languages and Linguistics 102235-211 Increasing Library Holding in Linguistics In Spanish
3 Languages and Linguistics 102785-211 Helga Harries Delisle Memorial Current Use Scholarship in Linguistics
4 Languages and Linguistics 102786-211 The Cecilia Rodriguez Pino Current Use Scholarship for Mothers
5 Languages and Linguistics 982602-211 Carl A. Tyre Memorial Award
6 Languages and Linguistics 982615-211 Dr. Ricardo Aguilar-Melantzon Endowed Memorial Fund for Graduate Studies in Spanish
7 Languages and Linguistics 982616-211 Languages and Linguistics Scholarship
8 Languages and Linguistics 982618-211 Ralph and Amelia Montes Skaggs Experiential Learning Scholarship in Arts & Sciences
9 Languages and Linguistics 987934-211 Fabian and Virginia Samaniego Endowed Scholarship
10 Languages and Linguistics 991220-211 Fabian A. Samaniego Endowment
Category Number Link


wdt_ID Category Number Link
1 Philosophy 102370-218 Philosophy Department
2 Philosophy 102900-218 Philosophy Department Scholarship
3 Philosophy 982691-218 Philosophy Alumni/Faculty Scholarship
4 Philosophy 982692-218 Paul T. Sagal Endowed Philosophy Scholarship
5 Philosophy 991277-218 Richard L. Hedden Endowed Chair in Advanced Philosophical Studies
Category Number Link


wdt_ID Category Number Link
1 Astronomy 102022-204 Gary D. Seipel Current Use Fund
2 Astronomy 102080-204 Astronomy Department
3 Astronomy 102083-204 Tortugas Observatory Current Use Fund
4 Astronomy 102570-204 William Webber Voyager Current Use Graduate Fund
5 Astronomy 162265-204 Astronomy Graduate Student Scholarship
6 Astronomy 982076-204 A. Scott Murrell Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund
7 Astronomy 982077-204 Kevin B. Marvel Endowed Fund
8 Astronomy 991280-204 Clyde and Patricia Tombaugh Endowed Chair
9 VP University Advancement 970664-974 Dr. Barry N. Rappaport Memorial Scholarship
Category Number Link


wdt_ID Category Number Link
1 Biology 102087-205 Sandra Whaley Foster Hall Renovation Current Used Fund
2 Biology 102089-205 Donald and Regina Howard Biology Fund
3 Biology 102090-205 Biology Department
4 Biology 102093-205 Biology-Herbarium Department
5 Biology 102096-205 Biology Department Lab Equipment
6 Biology 102099-205 Biology 111/211 Laboratory
7 Biology 102100-205 Vertebrate and Anthropod Museums
8 Biology 102101-205 Squid Fund Research-Biology
9 Biology 102112-205 Hughes Precollege and College Science Education
10 Biology 102123-205 Biology Student Support Current Use Fund
Category Number Link

Computer Science

wdt_ID Category Number Link
1 Computer Science 102150-207 Computer Science Department
2 Computer Science 102681-207 Computer Science Scholarship
3 Computer Science 102685-207 Dooglamoo Studios Scholarship
4 Computer Science 102686-207 Skip Wagner/ALATEC Book Current Use Scholarship
5 Computer Science 102688-207 Google/Computer Science CS4HS Program
6 Computer Science 982091-207 Founders' Fund
7 Computer Science 982092-207 Frank Harary Memorial Endowed Fund
8 Computer Science 982561-207 Mark Nesiba Memorial Endowed Scholarship for Women in Computing
9 Computer Science 982564-207 Blount Endowed Scholarship
10 Computer Science 982575-207 Richard H. Stark Endowed Scholarship Fund in Computer Science
Category Number Link

Geological Sciences

wdt_ID Category Number Link
1 Geological Sciences 102157-209 Wells Fargo Fund - Zuhl Museum Children's Corner
2 Geological Sciences 102186-209 Friends of the Zuhl Collection
3 Geological Sciences 102187-209 Geological Sciences Graduate Student Research Fund
4 Geological Sciences 102190-209 Geological Sciences Department
5 Geological Sciences 102192-209 Geological Sciences Colloquium Fund
6 Geological Sciences 102194-209 Geology Field Teaching and Research
7 Geological Sciences 102195-209 Geology Lab Teaching and Research Fund
8 Geological Sciences 102196-209 Mass Spectrometry and Laser Sampling Laboratory System
9 Geological Sciences 102714-209 Geological Sciences Scholarship
10 Geological Sciences 102719-209 Peter Wichert Mem Curator Fund
Category Number Link

Mathematical Sciences

wdt_ID Category Number Link
1 Mathematical Sciences 102300-215 Mathematical Sciences Department
2 Mathematical Sciences 102307-215 NMSU Math Association Fund
3 Mathematical Sciences 102311-215 Math 120 Fund
4 Mathematical Sciences 102840-215 Mathematical Sciences Scholarship
5 Mathematical Sciences 162286-215 Deborah Louise Thomas Memorial Endowed Award
6 Mathematical Sciences 982652-215 Mathematical Sciences Endowed Scholarship
7 Mathematical Sciences 982660-215 Anna Schrufer Kist Endowed Scholarship
Category Number Link


wdt_ID Category Number Link
1 Physics 102377-219 George W Gardiner Professor Physics 2015-17 - Dr. Matthias Burkardt
2 Physics 102381-219 Physics: Geophysics Program
3 Physics 102382-219 Physics Department
4 Physics 102910-219 Physics Scholarship
5 Physics 102911-219 Engineering Physics Current Use Scholarship
6 Physics 162231-219 George W. Gardiner Memorial
7 Physics 162295-219 Bezdek Scholarship Fund
8 Physics 982250-219 H. Bartel and Doris Williams Memorial
9 Physics 982251-219 Dr. Horace Coburn Physics Endowed Fund
10 Physics 982252-219 Albert and Mabel Burris Physics Fellowship
Category Number Link


wdt_ID Category Number Link
1 Aerospace Studies (Air Force) 102026-202 Air Force ROTC
2 Aerospace Studies (Air Force) 102283-202 Air Force ROTC Alumni Curent Use Scholarship
3 Aerospace Studies (Air Force) 102284-202 Air Force AAS Veterans Heritage Dinner ROTC Current Use Scholarship
4 Aerospace Studies (Air Force) 102527-202 Colonel Lawrence J. and Trudi Hahn Pickett Memorial Air Force ROTC Scholarship
5 Aerospace Studies (Air Force) 102528-202 Lieutenant Colonel Max L. Piper Current Use Award
6 Aerospace Studies (Air Force) 162261-202 Phillip E. Neale, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
7 Aerospace Studies (Air Force) 982030-202 John J. Valkenaar Sr. Memorial Air Force ROTC Endowed Fund
8 Aerospace Studies (Air Force) 982511-202 Colonel Elwood J. Buck Waid Endowed Scholarship
Category Number Link


wdt_ID Category Number Link
1 Anthropology 100962-221 Indigenous Nations for Community Actions (INCA) Current Use Scholarship in the Anthropology
2 Anthropology 102314-221 Friends of Anthropology
3 Anthropology 102420-221 Anthropology Department
4 Anthropology 102934-221 Anthropology General Scholarship Fund
5 Anthropology 982300-221 Archaeological Research Lab
Category Number Link

Communication Studies

wdt_ID Category Number Link
1 Communication Studies 102430-222 Communication Studies Department
2 Communication Studies 102930-222 Communication Studies Scholarship
3 Communication Studies 102931-222 Rebecca M. Verser Memorial Scholarship Fund
4 Communication Studies 102937-222 Kathrine Martinez-Graham Memorial Current Use Scholarship
5 Communication Studies 982750-222 Isabel M. Crouch Readers Theatre Scholarship
6 Communication Studies 982751-222 Gordon Owen Graduate Fellowship
7 Communication Studies 982752-222 Raymond J. and Nylda L. Zakahi Endowed Scholarship
Category Number Link

Criminal Justice

wdt_ID Category Number Link
1 Criminal Justice 102180-208 Criminal Justice Department
2 Criminal Justice 102181-208 Criminal Justice Instructional Equipment
3 Criminal Justice 102689-208 Ronald A. and Lucy A. Pincomb Memorial Current Use Scholarship
4 Criminal Justice 102690-208 Criminal Justice Scholarship
5 Criminal Justice 982557-208 Herbert F. Greathouse Memorial Endowed Scholarship
6 Criminal Justice 982562-208 CHP Captain Gregory Tracey Endowed Scholarship
7 Criminal Justice 982565-208 Colonel Albert Fountain Endowed Scholarship
Category Number Link


wdt_ID Category Number Link
1 Geography 102446-225 Geography Scholarship
2 Geography 102447-225 Geography Department
3 Geography 161778-225 Robert & Elizabeth Czerniak Geography Scholarship
Category Number Link


wdt_ID Category Number Link
1 Government 102249-212 Model United Nations Program
2 Government 102250-212 Government Department
3 Government 102257-212 Roque M. Lujan Current Use Fund for the Study of Public Administration and Government
4 Government 102278-212 Nick Franklin Model United Nations Current Use Fund
5 Government 102790-212 Government Scholarship
6 Government 982145-212 Roque M. Lujan Seminar Endowed Fund
7 Government 982146-212 Dr. Leonard R. Sugerman Model United Nations Endowed Fund
8 Government 982147-212 Social Justice Award Endowment
9 Government 982148-212 Roque M. Lujan Endowed Fund for the Study of Public Administration and Government
10 Government 982149-212 Nick Franklin Government Endowed Fund
Category Number Link

Interdisciplinary Studies

wdt_ID Category Number Link
1 Interdisciplinary Studies 102693-228 Sammy J Gurule Memorial Scholarship
Category Number Link

Journalism and Mass Communications

wdt_ID Category Number Link
1 Journalism and Mass Communications 102200-214 New Mexico Broadcasters Association Travel Fund
2 Journalism and Mass Communications 102201-214 Kokopeli Online Newspaper
3 Journalism and Mass Communications 102202-214 Journalism-News 22
4 Journalism and Mass Communications 102280-214 Journalism and Mass Communications Department
5 Journalism and Mass Communications 102282-214 Journalism: Student Travel
6 Journalism and Mass Communications 102809-214 Cress Excellence in Journalism Current Use Scholarship
7 Journalism and Mass Communications 102810-214 Journalism and Mass Communications Scholarship
8 Journalism and Mass Communications 102818-214 Batkin Broadcasting Current Use Scholarship
9 Journalism and Mass Communications 102820-214 News 22 Student Scholarship
10 Journalism and Mass Communications 162221-214 Charles L. Eberhardt Memorial Scholarship
Category Number Link

Military Sciences (Army)

wdt_ID Category Number Link
1 Military Sciences (Army) 100930-216 Bataan Battalion Scholarship
2 Military Sciences (Army) 102320-216 Army ROTC Department
3 Military Sciences (Army) 102323-216 Wesley Walker Airborne and Assault Award
4 Military Sciences (Army) 102843-216 Army ROTC Scholarships
5 Military Sciences (Army) 102845-216 Lieutenant Colonel William J. Reinhart, II Current Use Award
6 Military Sciences (Army) 980300-216 Emmett L. Nations Memorial Scholarship
7 Military Sciences (Army) 980498-216 Hellmuth Military Science and Aersopace Studies Endowment
8 Military Sciences (Army) 982190-216 CSM John Francis Quirk Endowed Cadet Support Fund
9 Military Sciences (Army) 982646-216 Manatt Army ROTC Leadership Endowed Scholarship
10 Military Sciences (Army) 982647-216 Colonel Kary and Betty Wall Fund
Category Number Link


wdt_ID Category Number Link
1 Psychology 102400-220 Psychology Department
2 Psychology 102915-220 Psychology Scholarship
3 Psychology 162205-220 George E. Briggs Memorial Award
4 Psychology 982721-220 Peter Foltz and Adrienne Lee Graduate Endowed Scholarship in the Department of Psychology
Category Number Link


wdt_ID Category Number Link
1 Sociology 102270-224 Women's Studies Program
2 Sociology 102272-224 Friends of Sociology
3 Sociology 102921-224 Sociology Scholarship
4 Sociology 982301-224 Charles P. and Zona Kemp Loomis Endowed Professorship in Rural Sociology
5 Sociology 982732-224 Sigurd Johansen Memorial Scholarship
Category Number Link

Consolidated List of Funds

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