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Registration open for BEST Robotics 30th season competition for middle, high school students

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Registration is open for the BEST Robotics 30th season competition hosted by the New Mexico State University College of Engineering.

The NM BEST Robotics Competition is a robotic design challenge for middle- and high-school students. Participants are introduced to engineering and technology concepts as well as entrepreneurial skills through participation in this eight-week program.

This year’s competition, Made to Order, challenges students to design and build a robot that replaces them as the controller. As many fulfillment firms use a robot to package, ship and deliver items from a warehouse, this year’s game requires students to create a robot that can assemble and control another robot. Teams receive kits that include parts and electronics needed to design and build remote-control robots to accomplish a specific task. As part of the competition, teams maintain an engineering notebook, prepare a marketing presentation and website, and display their robot in a booth storefront.

“I am so excited for this year’s game,” said Clara Raley, outreach program manager. “Every year students are tasked with creating a robot that can replace a human in tasks that may be too dangerous or just unfeasible. Now, they must create a robot that is, in essence, replacing them.”

This year’s game day will occur in person; however, a modified classroom option, BEST Lite, is still available for new schools and schools with continuing COVID-19 restrictions.

Registration is open now and will close Sept. 17. The in-person kick-off is set for Sept. 10 with kit distribution on-site. Kit distribution also can be coordinated for school delivery by request. Practice day is scheduled for Oct. 22 at Plaza de Las Cruces. Game day is set for Nov. 11 and 12 at the NMSU Activities Center. There is no cost to participate in BEST.

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