Faculty Research Specialization

wdt_ID Department FacultyName Research Keywords
1 Anthropology Rani Alexander Mesoamerican archaeology, historical archaeology of Yucatán, ethnohistory and colonialism, agrarian ecology, fauna analysis
2 Anthropology Fumi Arakawa Prehistoric American Southwest, lithic technological organization, pottery in Mesa Verde region, sociopolitical organization in tribal-level societies
3 Anthropology Kelly L. Jenks Historical archaeology, Hispanic colonization and settlement, political and social identities, regional economic systems, analysis of historical-period artifacts and aboriginal ceramics, ethnohistory
4 Anthropology William Walker Southwestern archaeology, ritual in prehistory
5 Anthropology Brenda Benefit Evolution of Miocene, Pliocene, and Pleistocene Catarrhine primates, paleoecology
6 Anthropology Monte McCrossin Human evolution, primate paleontology, paleoecology
7 Anthropology Miriam Chaiken Participatory development, resettlement, and rural health and nutrition, gender, applied anthropology, Africa and SE Asia
8 Anthropology W Thomas Conelly Agriculture, ecological anthropology, applied anthropology, SE Asia, East Africa, Amish communities in the U.S
9 Anthropology Donald D. Pepion Ethnohistory of the indigenous Blackfoot peoples (Canada, U.S.)
10 Anthropology Scott Rushforth Linguistics, Native American ethnography, Athapaskan languages and cultures