Southwest and Border Cultures Institute Grants, 2018-2019

Table of Grant recipient, project title and funds awarded.
Recipient Project Title Award Funds
Georgina Badoni (Anthropology) MatriArt: Native Motherhood Sites and Spaces $2275 Faculty Research
Ellen Bosman (Library) Enhancing NMSU's GLBTQ Collections $2000 Library Acquisition
Kate Bove (Languages & Linguistics) New Mexico Border Spanish Corpus $3310 Faculty & Gaduate Student Research
Rus Bradburd (English) La Sociedad para las Artes Distinguished Visiting Writers series $2236 Lecture Series & Outreach / Public Programming
Yael Cano-Gonzalez (Anthropology) El Santo Nino Atocha: Narratives of Faith and Devotion in the US-Mexico Borderlands $1000 Graduate Student Research & Museum
Elizabeth Horodowich (History) Amerasia in the American Southwest: Early Modern Imaginitive Geography $1500 Faculty Research
Dulcinea Lara (Criminal Justice) Borderlands and Ethnic Studies Dialog Series $1563 Lecture Series
Eric Magrane (Geography) A Literary Inventory of Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks $2318 Outreach & Public Programming, Faculty Research, Lecture Series
Lydia Michel (Anthropology) Archaeology of Home: An Educational Program for Teachers $1149 Graduate Student Research
Gabriela Moreno, (anguages & Linguistics) Student and Community Workshop Series in Spanish-English Translation $1668 Outreach / Public Programming
Marisa Sage (Art Museum) Labor: Motherhood and Art in 2020 $3768 Outreach / Public Programming, Museum
Mary Alice Scott (Anthropology) Living in Sacred Contimuum: Workshop Series $4368 Outreach / Public Programming, Graduate Student Research,
Jesse Van Maanen (Anthropology) Becoming a Cook in a Borderland Kitchen: Narratives and Perspectives of Latinx Youth in La Semilla $1489 Graduate Student Research