Getting Involved

Getting involved in the Arts and Sciences college benefits our students by giving them educational experiences that they can enjoy. These programs will offer you the opportunity to network with many other students in our college. Below is a list of some of the more popular programs our university and college offers. Feel free to ask any inquiries about any of the programs listed below on their respective websites.

CAMP Student Council

New Mexico State University’s College Assistance Migrant Program (NMSU CAMP) is a federally-funded program to help migrant or seasonal farm worker students attend college. Our program’s goal is to ensure each CAMP student graduates from NMSU with a bachelor’s degree. CAMP offers the first line of support for CAMP students to succeed during their first year at NMSU. CAMP also strives to maintain communication with former CAMP students to guarantee that they receive the support needed in order to graduate from NMSU. For more information click here.

CAMP application

Student Organizations

Campus Activities offers outside the classroom involvement, an essential complement to the student’s academics. Our program/services are non-academic and are provided directly to the student. The goal of Campus Activities is to promote involvement, interpersonal and leadership development, service learning, and civic responsibility by providing educational/developmental programs and activities to the students, therefore enhancing outside the classroom learning. Leadership and personal growth opportunities are offered through involvement in Student Organizations, Aggies Activities Council and the National Student Exchange program. Get involved with your campus!

National Student Exchange

Want to temporarily study at a different university in a different location while paying tuition at NMSU’s rate? The National Student Exchange (NSE) program may just be the activity for you! Founded in 1968, the NSE has given the opportunity to thousands of undergraduate NMSU students to travel across the United Stares to serve as ambassadors to our university and our college. Not only will you be rewarded with a wonderful experience of learning at a different university, you may also leave behind a lasting impression at your host university that may evolve into future opportunities for individual networking as future graduate scholars, employees, and EMPLOYERS!

For more information regarding the NSE, visit NMSU’s National Student Exchange website.

Study Abroad

For more information regarding the Study Abroad program, visit the Office of Education’s website.

Three Minute Thesis Contest (Graduate Students)

Are you ready to display your rhetorical skills in a limited time frame for a cash prize? If so, then the “Three Minute Thesis” competition is an excellent opportunity for you to do so! Masters and doctorate candidates compete in this contest for a chance to win up to $1000 by delivering the most compelling theses in under three minutes. For more information in taking part in this competition, visit the website provided by the coordinators of this competition.