Welcome to New Mexico State University’s largest college, the College of Arts and Science! In the College of Arts and Sciences, we enchant our students with wonderful experiences in the “Land of Enchantment!” Whatever your talent, niche, or passion, we can cultivate your special gifts into success! We have a large variety of degree programs for undergraduate and graduate students to choose from. Each program offers an enriching academic experience for students provided and supported by our dedicated team of instructors and staff. When becoming an Aggie, be sure to come by and check out what the College of Arts and Sciences has to offer.

Getting Admitted or Readmitted

At New Mexico State University, we are all about discovery! In the classroom, in the lab and out in the field – we provide you with invaluable opportunities to find out who you are and what you want to be. The Undergraduate Admissions Office is here to help you begin your journey as an Aggie.

Testing and Academic Placement

If you are seeking an undergraduate degree at NMSU, you must earn credits in English and mathematics. Students are expected to begin their English and math courses during their freshmen year. Placement into the appropriate course level depends on a variety of factors ranging from your ACT/SAT test scores and your high school grade point average (G.P.A.).

English Placement

  • ENGL 111G, Rhetoric and Composition: An ACT score of 16 or an SAT score of 400 or higher qualifies you for enrolling in this course.
  • ENGL 111GH, Rhetoric and Composition Honors: An English ACT score of 25 or an SAT score of 550 or higher qualifies you for the Honors course. Be sure to learn more about our Honors programs.
  • CCDE, Community College Development English (CCDE): An English ACT score lower than 16 or an SAT score lower than 399 requires completion of CCDE coursework offered through NMSU Community Colleges. CCDE prepares students for English 111G, Rhetoric and Composition. If you are attending NMSU in the Las Cruces area, enroll in the CCDE courses at the Doña Ana Community College (DACC.) The courses offered at the DACC Central Campus are just a few blocks from NMSU student housing.

Mathematics Placement

Initial placement in mathematics is based on a combination of your math ACT/SAT score and high school grade point average. You can check your initial placement on the Math Success Center website. Your math placement level may qualify you for more than one course, the choice of which depends on your major.

Mathematics Placement Exam: Placing into a higher level of math is possible by taking the Math Placement Exam (MPE.) The exam is offered during New Student Registration programs, or during regular hours at the Math Success Center in Walden Hall. If you want to take the MPE but have not practiced math for more than a few months, plan to refresh your skills before the exam so that your placement best reflects your skill level. Visit the Math Success Center website for more information on how the MPE is scored and to review a sample exam.

Advanced Placement (AP)

Students who have taken an Advanced Placement. Exam and earned composite scores of 3, 4, or 5 may be granted college level credit in a variety of subjects. Credit will be treated as transfer credit (without a grade) but does count toward graduation, and may be used in fulfilling specific degree requirements. Note: Students are responsible for ensuring AP test scores are reported to NMSU so credit can be given.

College Level Examination Program (CLEP) Subject Exam

Prior to, or during a student’s enrollment at NMSU, credits may be earned through the College Level Examination Program (CLEP). Any earned CLEP credits will be treated as ungraded transfer credits while fulfilling specific curriculum requirements that may count towards your graduation. CLEP exams are offered through the Testing Center at Doña Ana Community College. Visit their website for testing location, contact information, test topics, registration, and related fees.

Undergraduate Degrees

NMSU’s undergraduate degree programs can lead you to new opportunities and a challenging and rewarding academic experience. An education from NMSU means you will graduate prepared to lead by experience. NMSU offers nearly 100 degree choices so there is always room to grow, no matter what your interest!

Graduate Degrees

NMSU currently offers 27 doctoral degrees, 56 master’s degrees, and 11 graduate certificates. The NMSU Catalog contains information about graduate programs, academic regulations and course descriptions. An alphabetical list of graduate programs, including links to contact information, academic departments, application deadlines and requirements can be found on the Graduate Programs page.

Academic Departments

The College of Arts and Sciences is the largest college at NMSU, the state’s land grant university in the southern part of the Land of Enchantment. Programs offered in the College of Arts and Sciences prepare students for a variety of career opportunities and for graduate study. The college is home to 24 academic departments and two ROTC programs.

Signing up for Orientation

Orientation provides the tools and information to make your transition to NMSU as easy as possible. It is an essential step in your transition to NMSU. All new, incoming freshmen and transfer students must complete orientation before registering for classes.