Students are placed in their initial English class based on their English ACT or SAT score. An English ACT score of 16 or an SAT score of 400 or higher qualifies you for English 111G, Rhetoric and Composition; An English ACT score of 25 or an SAT score of 550 or higher qualifies you for English 111H, Rhetoric and Composition-Honors. Students with English ACT score lower than 16 or an SAT score lower than 399 must complete developmental English coursework through the Dona Ana Community College prior to enrolling into English 111G, Rhetoric and Composition.

Initial placement in mathematics is based on the combination of your math ACT/SAT score and the high school grade point average. Information on initial placement is available on the math department’s website. You may qualify for more than one course; you will choose according to your intended major. If you wish to place into a higher level in math, you may take the Math Placement Exam given at New Student Registration programs, and at the Math Learning Center. If you will be taking the MPE after not having taken mathematics for a few months, it’s a good idea to brush up during the week or two before the program so that your placement will be a more accurate reflection of what you know. For practice questions for the MPE, click here.