Message from the Scholarship Advisor

Welcome to the Scholarship pages for the College of Arts & Sciences. During the 2016 – 2017 academic aid year, the college and its departments/programs awarded over $480,000 to more to 620 students from approximately 240 merit-based scholarships. The average scholarship award was $776.

On these pages you can find:

  • Details on applying for the College of Arts & Sciences Scholarships
  • Information about the Scholar Dollar$ application
  • Advice on competing for scholarships
  • Helpful information for scholarship recipients

Scholarship seekers compete for scholarships by completing a Scholar Dollar$ application. Scholar Dollar$ is open for the next academic year for new and continuing students between October 1st and March 1st. A new application must be completed each year.

When you submit a Scholar Dollar$ application you are applying for scholarships offered by New Mexico State University, the College of Arts & Sciences, and the department(s) of your major(s) and any minor(s). If additional materials are needed, those details are listed on the College Scholarships page or from your department.

Please feel free to contact me with your questions regarding scholarships.

Best Wishes,

Jessica J. Savage

Scholarship Advisor

College of Arts & Sciences

(575) 646-2612