About the College


The College of Arts and Sciences is the intellectual core of New Mexico State University, providing cutting-edge academic programs supported by active research and creative activities. The College provides the foundational education for every NMSU student and a wide array of degrees preparing students to be lifelong learners, knowledgeable and responsible citizens of our world.


By 2025, the College of Arts and Sciences will excel in promoting academic success and social mobility for a diverse student population, sustain the university-wide vision of achieving the highest Carnegie research status (R1) through exceptional research programs and creative activities and contribute to the social and economic development of communities locally, state-wide, and nation-wide.


Central to the College of Arts and Sciences land-grant mission our core values are

  • CuriosityWe support curious minds by promoting education and research that is rigorous, challenging, and demands an eagerness to learn. 
  • Collaboration: We are invested in cross-disciplinary opportunities that enable students of all backgrounds to develop future-proof skills.
  • Self-expression: We welcome students' creative interests, exploration of new ideas, and passions. 
  • Representation: We value an inclusive education and recognize diversity as a strength and an opportunity for excellence and success. 

LEADS 2025

Click here to view the College of Arts and Sciences LEADS 2025 Strategic Plan.