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College of Arts and Sciences undergraduate students will study academic disciplines from one or more of our 24 academic departments. Each of these 24 departments are part of one of the four academic classifications of knowledge: fine arts, humanities, sciences and social sciences. Our faculty members are award winning researchers and teachers with a strong commitment to serving New Mexico.


Academic Programs and Departments

The following undergraduate degree programs offered by the College of Arts and Sciences are categorized by the “outline of knowledge” (i.e. “Propaedia” by Encyclopedia Britannica) that each degree program is placed within as defined by our College. If you consider yourself to be an ambitious student willing to learn and communicate in a variety of different academic courses, then aspire to earn a dual degree or minor (as listed within our guide) in our departments’ programs. Some departments offer both “Bachelor of Art” (BA) degree programs as well as “Bachelor of Science” (BS) degree programs. BA degrees are optimized for students that are dual-majoring in other academic disciplines, and BS degrees are mainly taught to students that are expected to primarily fulfill the technical and scientific aspects of their academic disciplines. Contact any academic department for more information about their degree programs.

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