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Welcome to the College of Arts and Sciences. Distance Education is important in our college, and we are proud to offer a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses that are 100% online.

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Bachelor’s Degrees

Bachelor of Arts – Sociology

Our nationally ranked Department of Sociology offers both programs on-campus and online. Students gain a firm foundation in social theory, methods, and statistics, with a large variety of Sociology electives to complete their program. Faculty are experts in their field and nationally recognized. The Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology prepares students for a wide variety of career fields (see our Careers and Sociology page). Sociology majors are highly valued in the 1st century due to their understanding, communication, flexibility, leadership, motivation, patience, persuasion, problem-solving abilities, teamwork, time management, and work ethic. Our majors are in high demand.
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Bachelor of Criminal Justice

The Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice prepares students for careers in law enforcement, corrections, probation and parole, work with juveniles, victim services, non- and not-for profit organizations connected with criminal and social justice, and the related field of forensics. Graduates have also been successful in law school and graduate programs in the social sciences.
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Bachelor of Gender & Sexuality Studies

Gender and Sexuality Studies is especially equipped to meet the challenges of our current moment and to shape inclusive and just futures. Our courses open minds and change lives. Students in our program pursue an interdisciplinary education that emphasizes social justice through the development of critical thinking, research, creativity, and analytical skills. Developing a strong understanding of gender, race, sexuality, gender identity, class, disability, and other social categories equips students with the skills to pursue vocations related to advocacy, art, business, community organizing and restoration, education, film criticism, government, law, literary studies, non-profit organizations, political participation, social services employment, and more. The preparation in critical thinking and social awareness that an interdisciplinary education provides is also an excellent background for students planning to pursue graduate and professional degrees in this and many other majors.
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NMSU Undergraduate Admissions

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Master’s Degrees


Master of Arts – Sociology

The Master of Arts in Sociology provides advanced training in qualitative and quantitative research design, interpretation, and theory to understand individuals, groups, organizations and communities. Elective courses focus on social inequality based on race/class/gender as well as reflect the faculty specializations in Education, Migration, the US-Mexico Border, Community Development, Alternative Economies, Social Movements, Digital Media, Political Sociology, Environmental Sociology, Popular Culture, and Social Psychology. We provide our students an education that can lead to careers outside of academia or prepare them to pursue doctoral studies if desired.
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Master of Arts – Spanish

The Online Master’s Program in Spanish is designed for students interested in pursuing a Master’s degree in Spanish that may not be able to do so in an on-campus environment due to jobs and/or distance (in other parts of the US or Internationally). It is particularly suited for those that have a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish or other language professionals. Students study for their MA in Spanish focusing on one of two main areas of interest: Linguistics or Literature.
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Master of Criminal Justice

Students graduating from the master’s program will be prepared for doctoral studies in criminal justice or related social sciences or eventually occupying administrative and policy-making positions in law enforcement, court, and correctional agencies. Three types of students are served by the Master of Criminal Justice degree: those ultimately interested in teaching and research in criminal justice and related fields; individuals already employed in criminal justice agencies who need graduate-level training to upgrade their credentials; and pre-service students who show the potential for graduate studies and who desire entry into certain criminal justice positions.
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Master of Music Education

The Master of Music: Music Education (track) degree is designed for those individuals who have completed an undergraduate degree in Music Education and who are currently teaching and wish to earn a Masters Degree in the same discipline. This will help continue the development of teaching strategies, learning techniques, classroom management, and other current trends and practices. All can be accomplished without having to take a leave of absence from their current teaching position. Note: The degree offered is a Master of Music. The student’s official transcript and diploma will only indicate that degree. The area of study (Music Education) will not be included as part of the official degree title.
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NMSU Graduate School

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