The College of Arts & Sciences' A Starry Night Awards Gala pays tribute to leaders in our community who have left a lasting legacy of advancing the arts and sciences at New Mexico State University. For any university to thrive, it must have the support of its community leaders and visionaries-- those who understand the importance of Town and Gown relations and who understand that we all mutually benefit when we work together to achieve ambitious and noble goals.

The Stars of Arts & Sciences recognizes individuals who have achieved state, national, or international distinction by their accomplishments and leadership, all while supporting their community and the NMSU College of Arts & Sciences. Four individuals are honored at this event as the Star of Town and Gown, Star of the Arts & Sciences, Star of the Arts, and Star of the Sciences. A new star will be introduced this year with the inaugural presentation of the Lifetime Achievement Star! The College of Arts & Sciences recognizes its departmental stars at this event as well, honoring outstanding faculty and staff members, students, alumni, or community members that have made a difference in an individual department.

Funds raised through this event will contribute to the College of Arts & Sciences' Aggie Jumpstart program, an initiative intended to provide a head-start for incoming freshmen during the summer before their first semester at NMSU. This accelerated summer program enables students to get ahead on required courses, gain a variety of preparation skills, and become acquainted with life on campus.


What:   A Starry Night Awards Gala

When:  March 23, 2023; 6:30-8:30pm

Where: ASNMSU Center for the Arts
           1000 E University Ave, Las Cruces, NM 88003


Stars of 2023

Picture and Bios Coming Soon!

Lifetime Achievement Star

  Barbara Hubbard

Star of Town and Gown

  Denise Welsh

Star of Arts & Sciences

  David Wilson

Star of the Arts

  Jennifer Cervantes

Star of the Sciences

  Karen Trujillo