Scholarship Recipients

If you received a notice from Scholar Dollar$ or your department that you have received a scholarship, chances are that you need to complete requirements in Scholar Dollar$ before the award will pay to your University Student Account.

Steps for accepting a Scholarship in Scholar Dollar$

  • Login to Scholar Dollar$ at with NMSU username and password
  • Select Student Home from the top menu bar
  • Select Upload Photo from the top menu bar to upload a photo of yourself
    • Photos are used on the “thank you” letters, and are appreciated by donors
    • Photos don’t have to be formal or professionally done, but please use discretion in selecting a photo
  • My Awards is listed at the bottom of the Student Home page (you may have to scroll down)
  • Select the scholarship for which you need to complete requirements
  • Read the Scholarship Acceptance Agreement
    • Most people will select “No” for the Cooperative Education Program
    • Indicate if you are graduating in December if you are completing this during the fall semester
    • Select the little box next to the last paragraph to accept the agreement
  • Complete the “thank you” letter form
    • Paragraph prompts are provided to guide you in composing a typical thank you letter.
      • Write in complete sentences
      • Use correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling
      • Spell out names of places on the first reference
      • Be respectful
      • Be gracious
    • You may optionally upload a thank you letter as a Word or PDF file
      • Word is preferred
    • Your scholarship should now automatically pay to your University Student Account.

Where is my Scholarship money?

After you complete your Scholar Dollar$ requirements your award will pay to your university student account, usually overnight, unless you are enrolled in less than 12 semester hours or have exceeded your Need causing an Over Award Hold. When this happens I will contact University Financial Aid on your behalf to request payment.

If you have a balance with University Accounts Receivable, your scholarship award will be applied towards it. If all your university charges for the semester have been met, in most cases, you will receive a refund.

For more details on scholarship Disbursement click here.

Check your University Student Account in myNMSU to see how your scholarship was allocated.

If you have a federal student loan and no Unmet Need, your scholarship may be applied to your federal loan balance, meaning you will owe less money when it’s time to repay your loan. Please contact your Financial Aid Advisor if you have this situation

Please direct your questions about your balance and University Student Account to University Accounts Receivable