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NMSU anthropology professor honored by American Academy for Advancement of Science


"It's very exciting to receive this honor at this point in my career, especially because it recognizes that scholarly work can continue beyond retirement,” said Trevathan. “I am especially pleased to join Dr. Elba Serrano as at least one other AAAS fellow at NMSU."

Trevathan is among 443 AAAS members selected nationwide representing areas ranging from neuroscience and psychology to social, economic and political sciences. The fellows will receive official certificates and rosette pins in a ceremony at the AAAS annual meeting in Seattle in February 2020.

The honor recognizes diverse accomplishments, including pioneering research, leadership within a given field, teaching and mentoring, fostering collaborations and advancing public understanding of science.

"Sadly, science is increasingly under fire from a number of sources these days. One of the primary goals of AAAS is to enhance appreciation of science in all aspects of our lives. I am happy to be a part of this effort."

Trevathan is a biological anthropologist whose research focuses on the evolutionary and bio-cultural factors underlying human reproduction including childbirth, maternal behavior, sexuality, and menopause. Her primary publications include works on the evolution of childbirth and evolutionary medicine.

Two of the 2019 Nobel Laureates announced in October are AAAS fellows. The tradition of electing AAAS fellows began in 1874 and has since gone to thousands of distinguished scientists such as inventor Thomas Edison, anthropologist Margaret Mead and computer scientist Grace Hopper.