Graduate Student Travel Award


FALL 2023


for TRAVEL BETWEEN October 1 - December 31, 2023



5:00 PM MDT, Tuesday, September 5th, 2023

The College of Arts and Sciences recognizes the value of professional development by providing partial support for travel opportunities that include:

  • Attendance at a professional meeting in the graduate student's area of creative activity / research focus
  • Performances and exhibitions and readings in an organized setting (workshop, conference, etc.) of one’s original work
  • Presentation of outcomes of research investigations (in the form of poster or oral presentations) at conferences/workshops/professional organization meetings
  • Transport of original work to an exhibition
  • And any other activity that involves the graduate student applicant participating in a professional setting where they will be presenting outcomes that they have played a role in creating.


The College will offer three rounds of travel grants each academic year:

  • Fall travel grants to cover travel that starts between October 1st and December 31st (applications will be due in early September)
  • Spring travel grants to cover travel that starts between January 1st and May 15th (applications will be due late November/early December)
  • Summer travel grants to cover travel that starts between May 16th and September 30th (applications will be due mid-late April)


The maximum graduate student travel grant amount is $800. The wards are intended to defray travel, hotel, per diem and shipping costs. It is important to note that this award is not intended to cover a student’s complete expenses. Students are encouraged to apply for additional support from the Graduate Student Council, the Graduate School, ASNMSU, their advisors, departments, or, if available, through the conference organizing committee or external collaborators.


The college anticipates making up to 19 awards in each of fall, spring and summer in the 2023-2024 Academic Year.

If awarded, funds (as requested in the budget) will be available to reimburse expenses incurred for the travel, contingent on formal proof of attendance. All receipts and relevant documentation must be presented within 10 business days of the conclusion of the award-supported travel. Reimbursement will occur through the student’s home department. The proof of attendance (verification) documentation should include:

  • Details of the Conference/Workshop (name, dates, location)
  • Your name
  • A statement of completed registration (if attending a conference)
  • Whether you are presenting or attending only
  • If you are presenting:  the title of your contribution, and the type of contribution (performance, exhibition, oral or poster presentation).

Selection process:

Recommendation to the Dean by the College of Art and Sciences Graduate Affairs Committee.


Criteria for selection:

  • The professional value of the proposed travel activity on your academic and professional career, as detailed in your applicant statement
  • While it is not required that you present original work at the meeting or exhibit, applicants presenting their own original work will receive preference in the review and selection process
  • Travel starts in the time frame specified for the travel grant (fall, spring, summer)
  • Budget adheres to amounts, categories and is well-justified




  • Currently enrolled graduate student (Masters or Doctoral) in good academic standing (minimum NMSU graduate GPA of 3.0), in a graduate program in an academic department of the College of Arts and Sciences
  • Have not received a travel grant in the past academic year. Selection preference may be given to students who have not received a travel grant in the past two years.


Fall 2023 travel grant applications will be due by 5:00 pm on Tuesday, September 5th.  


Please be prepared to complete your application at the link below:

Fall 2023 Graduate Student Travel Award Application


In addition to providing information about the travel, its impact on your professional development, your budget and budget justification, you will need to upload your CV and a statement from your advisor (please have this statement ready to upload). The statement should provide a description of the applicant’s accomplishments and contributions as well as an overview of any of their results to be presented (please limit to no more than 400 words).









Spring/Summer 2023 College of Arts & Sciences Graduate Student Travel Grant Recipients:

Ashley Zappe (Psychology)
Delaram Esmaeili (Biology)
Dylan Osterhaus (Biology)
April Lopez (Biology)
Karly Kainz (Art)
John Waller(Biology)
Atikul Hoque (Geography and Environmental Studies)
Cynthia Wise (Government)
Giovanna Del Sordo (Psychology)
Ashley Saldana (Art)
Fredrick Daoyenikye (Communication Studies)

Jocelyn Valadez (Anthropology)
Marie Gibson (Geological Sciences)
Jorge Rivero (Biology)
Carlos Armenta (Physics)
Hamidah Alanazi (Computer Science)
Isaac Nyatuame (English)
Ermestina Akorli (English)
Alfred Gyasi (Art)
Hamed Azizaingilan (Art)
Pablo Viramontes (Geography and Environmental Studies)
Prakash Timsina (Physics)
Johanna Typaldos (Art)
Rashni Anandawansha (Physics)
Samantha Valencia (Geography and Environmental Studies)
James Lansche (Anthropology)
Emmanuella Afimaa (English)
Deblina Misra (Biology)
Rabiatu Mohammed (English)
Robert Kracht (Geography and Environmental Studies)
Otis Akrasi (Geography and Environmental Studies)
Nicholas Aboagye (Geography and Environmental Studies)
Lydia Boateng (English)
Sarah Nyamekye (English)
Poom Pianpak (Computer Science)
Md Masudur Rahman (Geography and Environmental Studies)
Zaira Martin (Anthropology)

Fall 2022/Early Spring 2023 College of Arts & Sciences Graduate Student Travel Grant Recipients:
Jessica Weinmeister   (Anthropology)
Amanda Palacios       (Anthropology)
Daniel Hampson        (Anthropology)
Anna Brown              (Anthropology)
Yashoda Latkar          (Art)
Elham Sabri              (Art)
Farhanul Hasan         (Astronomy)
Minje Beom               (Astronomy)
Erick Aguirre             (Astronomy)
Lawrence Zhou         (Biology)
Margaret Dickson  (Biology)
Alondra Villalba  (Biology)
Paige Harman      (Biology)
Valeria Montenegro   (Biology)
Ian Garofalo      (Biology)
Daniel Valencia   (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
Thathmi Wathsara  (Chemistry & Biochemistry
Aishat Alatishe   (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
Taylor Gonzales   (Criminal Justice)
Odelle Duffy      (Criminal Justice)
Brita Sauer       (Creative writing/CMI)
Maura Hehir       (Creative Writing/CMI)
Kathy Key-Tello   (Creative Writing/CMI)
Torit Chakraborty (Geography & Environmental Studies)
Hardt Bergmann    (Geography & Environmental Studies)
Dara Saville      (Geography & Environmental Studies)
Michael Murphy    (Geological Sciences)
Anna Van Balen    (Languages & Linguistics)
Yoshitha Hettige  (Physics)
Krishna Acharya   (Physics)


Spring 2022 College of Arts & Sciences Graduate Student Travel Grant Recipients:
Isaias Rogel (English)
Ashley Wu (Psychology)
Cameron Lee-Lopez (Chemistry)
Anthrony Gabriel (English)
Mahesh Lamsal (Biology)
Sudipta Das (Mathematical Sciences)
Abdulqater Al-Nouman (Biology
Hailey Ann Luker (Biology)
Chad Valdez (English)
Keenan Flynn (Chemistry)
Soumi Mitra (Biology)
Shane Inman (English)
Dorcas Anabire (English)
Madelin Whelpley (Biology)
Yashoda Kandel (Biology)
Julie Imig (Astronomy)
Sarah Wheat (Psychology
Eduardo Hernandez Acosta (Biology)


Spring 2020 College of Arts & Sciences Graduate Student Travel Grant Recipients:

Zebib Sielu Abraha (Mol Bio)
Abby Boylan (Geography)
Ashlerose Francia (Government)
Randy Coryell (Biology)
Jorge Garcia (Physics)
Edmundo Gurrola (Biology)
Wendy Harvey (IDS)
Omali Rachel Jayah (Chem & Biochem)
Kiel Jones (Chem & Biochem)
Kimberly Kirkeby (Psychology)
Birendra Ale Magar (Physics)
Rabiatu Mohammed (English)
David Morin (Geological Sciences)
Jorge Prieto (Biology)
Debadrita Pal (Biology)
Shay Ridl (Geological Sciences)
Haley Stewart (Criminal Justice)
Madeline Strom (Biology)
Hujitha Thuraisamy (Biology)