College of Arts and Sciences Faculty Awards
Spring 2012

Outstanding Achievement Award

Dr. Charles Shuster, Biology
Dr. Margaret Malamud, History
Dr. Nicole Vogt, Astronomy
Dr. Ralph Preszler, Biology

Dr. Stephanie Taylor

Travel Grants
Dr. Rani Alexander, Anthropology
Dr. Jen Almjeld, English
Dr. Manal hamzeh, Sociology
Dr. Roger Mellen, Journalism
Dr. Bruce Olberding, Mathematical Science
Dr. Gary Rayson, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Dr. Stephen Rice, Psychology
Dr. Ross Staffeldt, Mathematical Science

Outstanding Staff Awards
Susan DeMar, Geography
Jessica Haebe, Computer Science
Karen Hancock, Computer Science
Nancy Howell, Journalism
CJ Jorgenson, Theatre Arts
Amy Marion, Biology
Ivan Strenad, Computer Science
Michael Wise, Theatre Arts

Outstanding College Faculty Achievement Award
Dr. Michaela Burkardt, Physics
Dr. Kim Seckler, Government

Arts and Sciences College Faculty Development Grant
Dr. Michael DeAntonio, Physics

Arts and Sciences Course Release Award
Dr. Cynthia Zoski, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Dr. Louiza Fouli, Mathematical Sciences

College of Arts and Sciences Department Awards
Chemistry Department

Advising and Retention
Theatre Department

Outstanding Department Head
Dr. Miriam Chaiken, Anthropology

Manasse Scholar
Dr. Enrico Pontelli, Computer Science