2021 College of Arts and Science Faculty & Staff Awards

Exempt Staff Award

Amy Marion, Biology Department

Michael Wise, Theatre Arts Department

Non-Exempt Staff Award

Polly Perez, Anthropology Department

Dawn Rafferty, Mathematical Sciences Department


Outstanding Faculty Outreach Award

Dr. Georgina Badoni, Anthropology Department

Dr. Waldimir Lyra, Astronomy Department


Outstanding Faculty Teaching Award

Dr. Mary Ballyk, Mathematical Sciences Department

Dr. Nancy Chanover, Astronomy Department

Ilana Lapid, Creative Media Institute Department


Outstanding Faculty Scholarship Award

Dr. Scott Ferrenberg, Biology Department

Simon Gollo, Music Department


Outstanding Department Head Award

Dr. Dennis Giever, Criminal Justice Department 

Wil Kilroy, Theatre Arts Department


Manasse Award

Dr. Lois Stanford, Anthropology Department