Southwest and Border Cultures Institute Grants, 2016-2017

Table of Grant recipient, project title and funds awarded.
Recipient Project Title Award Funds
Lois Stanford (Anthropology) “The Enduring Musical Traditions of Northern New Mexico” $800 Lecture Series
Marquette Gass (Anthropology) “Food Narratives: Examining Women’s Lives with Diabetes in Southern New Mexico” $2050 Graduate Student Research
Fumiyasu Arakawa (Anthropology) “Mimbres Pottery Designs using Descent Community Approaches” $5418 Faculty Research
Andrea Crawley (Anthropology) and Fumiyasu Arakawa (Anthropology) “The Mimbres People and Culture of the American Southwest” $5000 Museum Acquisition
Kayla Myers (Anthropology) “Cancerous Borderlands and Courageous Women: A Cancer Support Group in Juarez” $750 Graduate Student Research
Rus Bradburd (English) “Southwest and Border Writers Reading Series” $3000 Lecture Series
Peter Kopp (History) “The Murals of Las Cruces Project” $2000 Outreach and Public Programming
Total Funding $19,018