Southwest and Border Cultures Institute Grants, 2021-2022

Table of Grant recipient, project title and funds awarded.
Recipient Project Title Award Funds
Jamie Bronstein (History) Colonizing the Mind: The Territorial Insane Asylum of New Mexico, 1893-1930 $1,935 Faculty Research
Ellen Bosman (University Library) Banned and Challenged Books $494 Library Acquisition
Rus Bradburd (English) La Sociedad para las Artes Distinguished Visiting Writers Series $3,950 Public Outreach
Ana Brown (Anthropology) Culinary Heritage of Mesilla $2100 Grad Student Research / Museum
Christopher Euler (Anthropology) Multi-vocality in Archaeology: Mule Creek Obsidian Quarry Project with Zuni Elders $3200 Grad Student Research / Museum
Amanda Palacios (Anthropology) Eating Like an Abuelo: Documenting the Traditional Northern Mexican Diet $2060 Grad Student Research / Museum
Patricia MacGregor-Mendoza (Languages & Linguistics) Language, Privilege, and Identity: Using Language to Advocate for Social Justice for Communities in the Southwest and Beyond $2000 Lecture Series
Jim Shearer (Music) Classical Drinking $970 Public Outreach
Dylan McDonald (University Library) Indigenous Political Autonomy in New Mexico: The Wendell Chino Symp $2500 Lecture Series / Library Acquisition
Jennifer Olguin (University Library) LIBRARY ACQUISITIONS FOR ARCHIVES AND SPECIAL COLLECTIONS $3875 Library Acquisition
Ana Morales (Anthropology) Keeprs of Traditional Plant Medicine: Testimonios from Wome in the U.S.-Mexico Border and South Mexico and their Preservation of Medicinal Plant Practices $2100 Grad Student Research/Museum
Total Funding $28,384