Southwest and Border Cultures Institute Grants, 2020-2021

Table of Grant recipient, project title and funds awarded.
Recipient Project Title Award Funds
Mark Waltermire (Languages & Linguistics) Dialect Neutralization in New Mexico Spanish $1363 Faculty Research
Sarah Walker (Languages & Linguistics) New Mexico Border Spanish Project $1250 Graduate Student Research
Kristin Otto (University Museum) When a Woman Rises: Weaving Connections from Chiapas to Las Cruces $2851 University Museum
Dylan McDonald (University Library) Documenting WWII & Cold War Era Southern New Mexico Military Installations by Special Collections Acquisitions $3385 University Library
Ilana Lapid (Creative Media Institute) A 2022 Reimagining of Borders 48-hour Film Festival $3,850 Lecture Series / Outreach
Inigo Garcia-Bryce (History) Living Memorial and Celebration of Diversity at NMSU $3,000 Faculty Research / Outreach
Julia Estrada (Anthropology) Life Stories of Huastec Textiles in Museum Collections of the US Southwest $3,078 Graduate Student Research / University Museum
Rus Bradburd (English) La Sociedad para las Artas Distibguished Visiting Writer Series $2,800 Lecture Series
Fumi Arakawa (Anthropology) Inclusiveness of Zuni Elders' Voices in University Museum Collections-Based Research $2,400 Faculty Research / University Museum
Total Funding $23,977