Southwest and Border Cultures Institute Grants, 2017-2018

Table of Grant recipient, project title and funds awarded.
Recipient Project Title Award Funds
Rus Bradburd (English) Southwest and Border Cultures Distinguished Visiting Writer Series $3000 Lecture Series
Jamie Bronstein (History) The Chicano Movement in Southern New Mexico $3100 Faculty Research
Rachel Cover (Anthropology) Entomomania – Insects in Art and Culture $1500 Graduate Student Research
Dennis Daily (Library) Library Acquisitions for Archives and Special Collections $2000 Library Acquisitions
Braeden Dimitroff (Anthropology) Water is Life: Indigenous Exchange University Museum Panel Discussion $1357 Museum
Spencer Herrera (Languages & Linguistics) Borderlands Poesia en Voz Alta Contest $2900 Outreach/Public Programming
Kelly Jenks and Mary Alice Scott (Anthropology) New Mexico Rural Heritage Oral History Project $4120 Faculty Research/Graduate Student Research
M. Catherine Jonet (Interdisciplinary Studies) Feminist Border Arts Film Festival $921 Lecture Series
Mollo Molloy (Library) Library Acquisitions – Caribbean Literature $1400 Library Acquisitions
Nicholas Natividad (Criminal Justice) Decolonizing the Borderlands: Restorative, Justice, Education and Health along the Border $2000 Library Acquisitions